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I have been contemplating for so long to get inked! What's just holding me back is the thought of getting old and getting all wrinkly and your tattoo will look nasty on your skin, funny, sad and true. It's like those sticker tattoo you iron on your shirt (whatever they're called), after some washes the picture will get all pruned up. I don't even know what to get anyways, tribal and those Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters are all pretty common, I don't want my name tattooed on me like I'm gonna forget my name or something and I'm NOT gonna have a man's name tattooed somewhere in my body =)) I dunno, if we made to even 25 years then I'll prolly consider having a ring tattoo with his name written around my finger and yezzir I am cheesy like that lol! Or how about my future kid/kids names?naah.. I don't know the feeling of being a mom yet, but I'll love my future kid/kids unconditionally for sure but we'll see. It's too early to tell anyways.

Don't get me wrong me tho, I am not loathsome towards people who decided to get inked, no, NO. This is just me thinking/blogging right now on what I think about tattoos on me and just thinking about the future coz I don't think I wanna invest on something like that and later in life I decide to just have them removed.

You saw the tattoo I posted above right? well, guess what? I kinda got "inked" today and it's more fierce than that!


I'll prolly settle on corny sticker tattoos like the cute ducky above that I got FREE from the yogurt box for now. If in maybe 10 years from or 20 years from this day I'm still an active blogger, I'll let you know if I'll I get the real thang! And I would like to thank the ever loving bf for putting this on me and for obviously "supporting" me and my craziness.

End of the tattoo post.

I went to the mall today, got peeled and got my face cleaned! Feels really good, I don't really fall asleep while Tiffany is doing her job on making my face beautiful and clean and while getting massaged, I am overly tired I guess so I conked off. The next thing I remember was dressing up and paying them lol! Good thing it was raining today so wearing a hoodie and hiding my face under it is appropriate. :D I didn't wear any make up after that's why I was self conscious about people and them staring at my dark circles and my now less visible pimple scars =)) It's hard being a girl. :D

I was already at the mall half an hour before my appointment so I went to Chapters first to kill time and wishing at the same time they have Judy Blume's "Forever" book. I got really interested in getting a copy of the book after reading Aryan's post about it and luckily the store had one copy left. IT WAS MEANT for me to buy it! haha

I am on chapter four now and I think I'm gonna like the book not just because of it's sexual content, but it's because FOREVER and FIRST LOVE are the topics everyone can relate to, the sex part maybe not all but being in love and thinking it was really love -- YES. I'll prolly finish it by tomorrow so I'll let you guys know what I think about FOREVER.

So that's it for now.



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Ayen said...

"What's just holding me back is the thought of getting old and getting all wrinkly and your tattoo will look nasty on your skin, funny, sad and true." -- SAME SENTIMENTS SIS! =D

Mara said...

HELLZYEAH! Dang, I want that book now x___X Haha. I'm prolly hauling nailpolishes later XD Retail therapy. Oh so deadly.

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

beep beep.. kaming mga driver mahilig sa tattoo.. pero tattoo para sa sasakyan hindi sa katawan.. hehe

Rhea Gulin said...

ooh i want to have a tattoo too! but not now, maybe someday! i want my mom's and dad's name on my back :) but the one you posted, its really cute too!