TICK-TOCK on the clock but the party don't stop no, woah-oh-oh-oh. I just felt like singing that part over and over again and it has something to do with my entry. ;)




You wait for the hour to finish because for TV people like you and I, the beginning of the new hour means the new show is about to start -- TV shows that most of us wouldn't miss for the world. When I said "TV people" it's not synonymous to being a couch potato. TV people for me is only watching shows when the actors/actresses involved are the ones we like and turn off the TV or switch channels if we don't like who see on screen.

Okay, seriously, if for example you see me on TV as a host or as an actress, a lead actress in a soap and you as a viewer don't like me with passion, would you stress yourself watching my soap no matter how promising the storyline is knowing you'll see my face, yes this face 80% of the time? I'd turn off the TV if I were you and find something else to do or SUCK it up and get hooked.

Yes. There are people I wish I see less on TV esp if I don't have a choice but watch the show they're in it. Those instances were only if I were home (parents) and we have company over and they watch TFC, so being the respectful kid that I am, I sit down and watch with the whole clique. Since I said TFC first, I'll start with actors/actresses from back home.

BAYANI AGBAYANI - He's annoying and he's not even funny. He frigging reminds of SHREK! Seriously, picture Bayani Agbayani next to Shrek and you'll agree with me that they do resemble each other.

KIMERALD - doesn't really need much of an explanation on why they should be seen less on TV. I also hate the never ending PR for these two. They said they're not a couple, then they should act like they're just friends when they're around each other not them being too sweet shitzz that only a couple would do. I don't like them so obviously I don't watch their shows.

BEA ALONZO - she looks dumb for some reasons. she's so big that she looks awkward and trying hard. She looks funny too on heavy drama scenes. I don't like her so I don't watch her movies or watch her soap.

SHARON CUNETA - all she does is laugh hysterically and act cutesy and all when she's not even cute and how old is she now to act like she's her daughter KC's age? puhhlease woman!

ANNE CURTIS - I don't hate her but I also don't like her. When I learned about Vice Ganda and showtime last year and being a fan of Vice Ganda, I started watching it and Anne grew on me. I'm still not a fan of hers up to now but I find her more adorable now. I mean, she's so pretty and fashionista and can be jologs sometimes and still got that poise. So I guess Anne is not really part of the list. :p

JON AVILA - when I was on vacation I did a marathon of my lezbo crush Maja's impostor, Jon was part of it and I laugh every time he has a scene and dialogue, his voice is not his -- it was DUBBED! It felt and sounded like those tagalized soaps. =)) Oh these people, just because they are slang they think they can make it big in the Pinoy showbizland =))

I think that's about it for the TFC part, so what do I do to not stress myself? I don't watch their shows period. no erase.

Locally, I can't think of any face I want to see less on TV because not like in the Philippines, U.S and Canadian shows make series and get actors and actresses not based on how BIG they are. Stars from CSI, Prison Break, Criminal Minds etc etc, they are not the big shots, the A-listers, so seeing them on TV is refreshing, you start from scratch, you don't know some of them when a show starts and they grow on you. Oh ok wait, I lied, there's one I just thought of right now, HORATIO CANE from CSI: MIAMI. Horatio's acting is irritating =)).

I know it's not fair to compare but it's true, in the Philippines, they give jobs to people who is/are the son/daughter of this and that, they won in a reality contest, they are slang in speaking tagalog, they have blue eyes and so on and so on when there's other "smaller" people with no connections whatsoever who are way more talented but not being given the chance to shine. dayuum! It just hit me, if that is the criteria for being a star in the Philippines, imma go home and demand a job from them, I suck at acting, I know how to sing a bit, I don't know how to dance except for itik-itik but since I am a Filipino-Canadian, I am pretty sure I'll land a job tho I really don't have a talent except for ranting. =)) Easy moneeeh! Oh come on! I know I'll have some fans. =))

Just a funny thought.

there's one more person who made my list --

GLORIA ARROYO - She reminds me of stitch from LILO and STITCH! I dunno she's just effing annoying! Her face is upsetting and her smile.. ahh that smile of hers that almost made everyone puke their guts out. =))

my carnival entry.

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Mara said...

Haha, nice list, doll :p

devil_under_light said...

undortunately, may mga bwct n tao tlga katulad nila..


Hahaha your rantings were so funny! I'm also annoyed with the frequently shown kimerald. It's just so tiring to see them. It's always them...sometimes it makes me yawn and sometimes makes me wanna shout "Next face please!".
And GMA's mouth is disturbing. It's like when she speaks it's always open. After her speeches my lips starts to move like hers. Good coz it only lasts for a few seconds!

Btw your comment on mine was so funny i looked silly laughing on my own. Too bad I never thought about sparkling dicks. Haha! It would be cool to see one. Bet it's gonna be a titillating experience! bwahaha! Cheers!:-)

lornadahl said...

I so agree! I'd love to see GMA assassinated in my lifetime.

Have you seen these "tributes" to Horatio Caine's ridiculous one-liners: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeeyWvo1rNg