Wow! Summer is flying by real fast! dayuum! I'm not ready for another semester yet, there's still stuff to do like fix my effing schedule, dentist's appointment, eye doc's appointment and work work work so I can save up save up save up and my kickboxing. Blah. I'm just gonna worry about those on Monday since my goal for this entry is to be cheesy -- cheesier than chuck E cheese -- not to stress myself.

Gaah I have a bad headache right now BUT since



The topic is all about MEN! Hey, I warned you from the beginning this is gonna be cheesy so you have two options: 1.) hit x 2.) stay. I know most of you will opt for choice number 2 -- just out of curiosity on what my fingers had to say type.


In my case it'll be a MAN. I've talked about my dad already and my love for him on father's day so this post is not a paternal love post. I don't have a brother, I have some guy friends tho brotherly love is not the one I wanna talk about and it's just WRONG to be cheesy and all and at the end I was talking about my dad or a relative or a guy I consider a friend. Romantic love for the MAN whom I've been unconditionally loving for the past 43 months and will be loving until death do us part. ;) -- P ( I love him but let's just give him his privacy).

P and myself are the exact opposite of each other. He's passive and that's why sometimes I get stressed out easily coz I am on a schedule basis that it feels like on most days everybody wants me to take over and go through everything, I am always "needed" that 24 hours is not enough for me. It's cool tho, we try to adjust with our current situation coz that's the best solution for now anyways.

CLEAN FREAK!! -- the bf is so orderly that we always argue about me and my mess. We don't live together but whenever he comes over he complains about how chaotic my room is. My disorderly heap stays in my room tho, the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the washroom most especially, they're immaculate! It's just my room. The bf used to freak out tho but I guess he's used to it now and I think he's just tired of complaining and begging for me to clean my room plus he's just fed up in doing the folding of the clothes for me (yeah he used to do that long time ago lol!) You don't have to see his room to know he's very methodical, just go in his car and you'll be ashamed to even fart in there, it's always sparkling and free of trash. :D

ROMANTIC -- NOT! He is the most unromantic boyfriend in the universe! I don't want him to be a cornball like me but he could work on his romance lol! Nah. He's ok like that, I shouldn't complain coz his being unromantic makes his good surprises even more exciting and passionate.

HEEDFUL -- He's thoughtful. He's always nice esp when we're out, no matter how sloppy our server, he'll give her/him tips or even when shopping, he's more patient with everybody. I am not a mean girl or trying to sound like one but I tend to be a bitch back, I think majority of the girls are. Right? Girls are emotional, we rant more, we're sensitive so being mad over a sloppy server and being impatient sometimes is understandable. Come on girls don't leave me hanging here. :D

Another OCD from P, when we're ready to check out from the grocery store, he'll place everything in order while loading the belt even our cart, if he's the one putting the stuff in, it's all organized. Cans grouped together, chicken, meat, the frozen stuff are together (which makes sense, but I don't really care lol!) and he gets ballistic when I put my purse in the cart which I think is a normal thing girl does. He'll be like "don't leave it unattended" blah blah..

I love how he's emotionally strong for me, he's the person I can call and just cry over silly or big things without being judged, without him thinking I'm just being a princess, I love how he's assuring me that everything will be alright. I love how patient he is with me whenever I'm on PMS. When I get these crazy swing moods, he knows, you don't have to tell him. It's fair enuf when he told me long time ago that he will never understand my PMS coz he will never experience it, he'll never get menstrual cramps so he'll try to be patient with me and I appreciated that. So guys, don't tell your ladies you "understand" PMS coz you don't get periods, you don't get cramps. :D

We have some petty quarrels, we argue, we have so many differences, however, I think those are the things that what makes our relationship interesting and something to look forward to everyday. We're so random esp me that I laugh at the simplest or the most corny joke ever, I even laugh if I hear or see someone sneeze and he laughs along not because he thinks it's funny but at how I always almost died laughing. I love him. What we have is special and what we've been thru will always be a reminder to us that sometimes, it's worth it to fight for LOVE. It's corny, maybe I'm overstating it, but it's true.

To: P
The future is unsure
but what I feel for you is true,
endless fights we may have
we will pull through like we always do.

I told you it's cheesier than Chuck E cheese =))

my carnival entry.

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aizel camille said...

aawww! you're sweet... good luck and may God bless both of you.. =)

libys11 said...

it's ok to be cheesy.. i have my own moods where i feel like being mushy like that too!!

this is such a sweet post! :D

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