Nah. It doesn't matter what kind of blogger are you, a beauty blogger, a random blogger, a food blogger etc etc -- YOU'RE A BLOGGER, WE'RE BLOGGERS! What's your reason for blogging? What good did blogging brought you? Well, it's up to you if you really wanna answer that but right now I wanna get to the purpose on why this entry..

Before blogger, I do what other people normally do on a daily basis. I watch TV, I go to work, I go to school, I spend time with my friends, with my sister, with the boyfriend, I use the fone, I go online but mainly for forums, youtube, messenger and facebook of course and that's about it. For the longest time, I've been wanting to blog but I dunno what kind of blogger I'm gonna be. I believe I have a say on some things, there are times that I am not afraid of being heard/read and it doesn't really bug me if people are up or against me since that's how life rolls anyhoo -- random blogger it is.

Blogging made life more interesting on my part and "busy" and it kinda feels like I need to have my camera with me all the time just in case I spotted an interesting subject, I can just point and shoot. It is just so amazing how really random people could be at times, taking pictures of their shoes, a stone, their food and whatever other unplanned or planned things they have for the day. Admittedly, I enjoy these accidental-I-just-happened-to-be-there life situations.

Thank you technology for cellphones with built in cameras! Your camera may not come in handy, but your fone surely is. It's gorgeous isn't it? It's like a dolphin and it made me think how clouds can form in to something most of times and it was prolly taught on 3rd grade science and I am just not remembering it right now. :D If you know why, let me know ;).

There's a lot more things that we take pictures of day or night we don't care, we need to take a snap of it thinking we can maybe use it for our upcoming entry/ies just like this one

Looking at this picture makes me so hungry right now. arggh! Tsk. See how random we are?or random am I? The picture was taken a week ago and it's really pointless to make an entry about my nacho salad, now I have the chance to squeeze this in and it's making a statement, it's all part of the unexpectedly life outside, what we do, what we eat.


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And it's absolutely true, I am not just speaking for myself here but for most of us. Cameras are not only for camwhoring these days but for effing everything around us.

You know the other thing that I like about reading blogs? is I actually look forward to their haul posts, whether it's make up haul, nail polishes haul, chocolate haul (tho I've never really had a chocolate haul encounter before LOL!) It's fascinating. And it's not even about bragging what you saw or what you bought, I think it's really interesting to know what other people is like, what makes them happy and it's their money their spending so why the hell some people get mad about it?! Like they think they're being a show off, I enjoy it and it's also fun to know sometimes who you share the same fashion sense with and you get ideas from them too, mix and matching, and where the sales are which I think is really helpful to know.

I enjoy being a blogger, I don't get paid by blogging but the comments and the friendship built -- PRICELESS!

3 statements:

STEPHY said...

Yay for being random!!! :) Hahah.

Rd Sean said...

its great how you come up with this post and i would agree of all you've said.. :) i'll be hopin around in here..

Phoebe said...

i can so relate with your post. :D blogging does make life interesting. i dunno, it's like i'm obliged (in a good way) to share my day, my experiences with people. And maybe as I do that, I can inspire them. maybe lang. hehe

Phoebe R (http://projectll.com)