haha crappy day!

  1. I wanted to go outside, mall maybe but it's raining. argh!
  2. Germany lost to Spain *sob* I'm not a fan of soccer but since FIFA fanatics dad and sis is rooting for Germany, I hopped in, cheered for Germany, sadly they lost. :(
  3. Dysmenorrhea - sure I didn't need to share it to the world but it's the reason why I feel crap in the first place.
  4. I GOT 10 COMMENTS FROM MY HUBBA BUBBA PINK BUBBLE GUM post, checked them all to approve but accidentally rejected it. darn! argh! I'm sooo mad! I didn't know what I was thinking. Tsk! all of the comments are pro me and against those clowns. frikk!!
  5. I just feel lazy today.
  6. I haven't done packing my suitcases again, this time my vacation is over and I will be back in the independent world I live in. Frozen food beybeh!
I really should stop this nonsense now and try to blog hop and brighten my gloomy crappy day. :(

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