I just wanna say HAPPY CANADA DAY first and pictures from today's event will be uploaded after I got back from my vacation, and yes, I didn't bring my laptop with me and it's just plain awkward on my part to upload pictures of me/I took on someone else's PC or laptop other than mine, tho the "someone else" I was talking about was my 'rents' or my sister's. I will just wait until I get back from my 2 week vacation which is ending soon. =(

As I've just said, I didn't bring my laptop with me so I'm using my 'rents' PC and I'm not used to it, it feels like the monitor is ten thousand feet away from my eyes and almost everything is blurred. I forgot my contact lens (yes, I know, of all the things), and my glasses are downstairs ( and in all honesty, I don't even know where it is haha). Yeah. I am just too lazy to find it right now, so if this entry is full of typographical and grammatical errors, I have an excuse ;) Yeah. I'm not really obsessin on and with grammars, I dunno, just as long as people understand me and I make sense, that's all I care and plus this isn't a University essay so I don't wanna be too formal with whatever..

I dunno what else what to say.. I am with my family right now so I am happy. I don't have to think about work and debating if I wanted to come in or just phone in sick haha it's my time off so I better make the most out of it ;)

I'll be blog hopping again if I find time. Yes. I am too busy sleeping and eating and watching TFC haha I watch the probe, correspondents coz these are the shows they don't upload on YT, clips yes but not full episodes and it just reminded me to blog about the inauguration of P-Noy. Maybe?

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