Well, this entry is supposed to be for the carnival's call for posting for the 1st year death anniversary of the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Today is Sunday, my time of course and I'm confused as fcuk if I already missed the deadline or not because of the time difference?oh wells, i'll still try anyways..

THE KING OF POP is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most successful entertainer of all time, scandals, money, the Neverland Ranch, honors and awards -- yes, that is all MICHAEL JACKSON.. And with talents like MJ who wouldn't be a fan right?who wouldn't go crazy over him?


I can google MJ, his achievements so I can make a blog entry and make it sound like I am the most die-hard MJ fan in the world, I can brag about buying MJ memorabilia's even if I really didn't, but it's not gonna feel right you know.. I can say I am a fan of his songs because it is singable, simple as that.

How did I react when I heard about the news?How am I gonna pay tribute to the king of pop?

June 25, 2009, all I can remember that day was being busy cooking spaghetti and chicken, if it did sounded like a birthday to you, it's because it was the bf's birthday and it's just been a tradition of moi to cook spag and chicken if it's my or my sister's or the bf's birthday.. I dunno it's just sad for me not to have spag and chicken to feast on for your birthday. Moving on, I had no idea that the world was already mourning because of the news that MJ passed coz there's another story happening, my bf and I were just busy all day driving around the city and shopping at the mall, so we had NO idea at all. Tho, I am not really a big fan of MJ, of course I was saddened, not because he is a LEGEND, he is a person and he left his young three children fatherless and "someone died" is not really a news for people to celebrate. I also wanna take this chance to also commemorate not just MJ's passing but also to Farrah Fawcett and to all our loved ones and other people's loved ones who perished.

And I am running out of words to say now. There's just not much to talk about Michael Jackson, and the best I and my friend Steph could come up with to pay tribute is this..

I know, we were not at our best here. I didn't get any sleep at all the day before coz I was being paranoid I might not hear my alarm and I'll miss my flight and after 1 hour and 45 minutes, my plane landed in Winnipeg (I know it's a short plane ride), my 'rents of course came to get me, then I got my haircut done, yes I am picky and I only let Pinoys esp the ones working for Dimples touch my hair ;) then we had brunch, went to Polo Park bought some stuff, met a friend, then we drove to my 'rents friend's house for a BBQ and this is where we spent the night too, then my friend Steph came over with his adorable sonshine and there's me still wide awake after the fact that I have no sleep for almost 24 hours already. After a lil bit of catching up, Steph and I wrote the lyrics down started practicing for about half an hour with my mom's help with the harmonizing part, tho it's a "fail", both I and Steph are more used in singing solo parts so having someone to sing with esp with blending and w/o proper coaching, it's hard, we always forget our tune =)) haha but fun stuff. I miss singing with her and we should practice more together and try to harmonize so it's not really embarrassing like this. And yes, that's the part reason why we didn't show our faces here. haha

Thank you also to Steph's sonshine James for that special baby participation there. ;) And to my mom also for helping us, tho I kinda wished she didn't took a nap so she was there while we were recording it.

Gaah, this is everything for now ;) We just got home after the 2 hour drive from 'peg, I am happy that I am spending my 2 weeks here with my parents, I missed them and I missed living in a small town, so quiet.

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devil_under_light said...

Diva ha. (= mejo nahilo lang ako luv sa video. ikut ng ikot ng ikot... whew.