As you can see, Team Carnival posted a poll for this week about the MOST LIKED BLOG ENTRY with the "Spoilers" topic. Everyone (I believe) has the privilege to vote for the entry they think is the best, there's 8 bloggers/entries to read and choose from and you can read them all here.

This post is not intended for a personal reason -- campaigning for myself, Em. I, myself didn't like the entry that I came up with lol! so if ever I will "win" this week, I don't deserve it. My entry was just out of the nonsense cap I was on, blah.. besides, there's this more deserving blogger and I voted for her coz she rocked the topic (but I ain't spilling who :p) I am hoping she wins this. But thanks to those who voted for me. I also believe that this isn't a popularity contest or just because you don't like the blogger you'll gang up on her and somehow "sabotage" that person. Take time to read each entry, there's a few more days left before the voting ends and before TC announces the winner.

I am appealing to everyone to be part of the Team Carnival community, read, vote, follow and join the fun by submitting your entries every week with the host's chosen topic. I guarantee you, it's fun to be part of the carnival community.

Thank you!


haha talk about multi-tasking..

anyways, gotta put my thinking cap back on and start working on the Vice v. Tado brouhaha which was long overdue now btway. well, I don't have enuf inspirations back then, and yes, NOW I DO.

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Miss Krimson said...

voted for you!