Yes! I AM CRAZY FOR YOU! gaah!! Oh my gosh! I dunno where I am going with this so I am just gonna type until I come up with something interesting, something worth reading perhaps :D ok ok so what or who is this person/thing that I go crazy about as of this moment?! Well, I've "known" this person since year 2000?! He was from Frenchie Dy's batch from this singing competition in the Philippines and I am talking about MICHAEL CRUZ!! I am a fan! I dunno I was just youtube-ing and found this video again.

please watch it ;)

It's not prolly the best 4:05 of your life but it's worth watching, I promise you. (:

So it's not really all about Michael Cruz ya know (: I am also crazy about TV SHOWS!! ok, well I don't really watch a lot of shows but when I get hooked, I am in it :D I think I "surprise" some or most people when they really get to know me, what I do and what I watch (: I am just gonna fall each show in to categories so my entry is "organized."

PORN!! - haha just messin' ok so let's scratch that off the list ok?! :D

  1. THE FAIRLY ODD PARENTS - I love Timmy Turner :D Every morning I watch this show while having my breakfast before I go to school :D Now, semester's over, I don't wake up that early anymore so I make sure whenever I am home, I turn my tv on at 5pm to watch this show. I love fairies and wishes :D the two and only main reasons why I am hooked! wait! there's a third one sorry.. third reason?Timmy's two front gigantic teeth are adorable :D
  2. PEARLIE - I told you already!! I LOVE FAIRIES!! (imagine this moment all glittery :D)
  1. BONES - I dunno, just got hooked. And I think the reason why Anthropology was my minor. :D
  2. CRIMINAL MINDS - I always get the question "Why do you like Criminal Minds?aren't you a psych stud?are you 'fascinated?'" well the answer is, yes I am a psych stud and no I am not 'fascinated' with the crimes criminals committed anymore, it's just different in real life :D wait until I reveal the real reason why I watch this show :D you'll prolly ROFL.. ready?! Dr. Spencer Reid haha well Dr. Reid is a part reason why I am taking what I do in school right now, he's my "inspiration' -- yeah I guess you can say that. I LOVE GEEKS! THEY ARE SEXY!! yezzir, Dr. Spencer Reid is a geek and sexy :D and I also love the Garcia and Morgan love team -- it's just way too cute.
  3. CSI - I used to watch the show. It just kinda "died" on me now since a lot of the original casts had left.
  4. FLASHPOINT - coz it's a Canadian show :D srsly, I love the intensity of the show.
  5. MENTALIST, THE - ohh Patrick Jane and his unorthodox ways :D it's a serious show but it's a light one, ya know what I mean?no heart stopping scenes but it's still fun to watch :D
  6. PRISON BREAK - omigosh! The best heart stopping show ever!! haha Like I've said from a previous blog entry, I am the type of fan who will google for spoilers all for the love of LINCOLN BURROWS err let's try that again, ALL FOR THE LOVE OF PRISON BREAK!! ha! it's not just about the running and the guns and who will beat up who, but it's also about their love story :D you'll wonder what happened to Sara?to Maricruz?Who will be the next girl in Linc's life after Veronica got shot in the head?good stuff! I love Prison Break! can you tell?
  1. JON & KATE + 8 - are you laughing right now?LOL! well minus the bickering between Jon and Kate, I love watching their show ;) their 8 kids are sooo frikking adorable!! Do I have a favourite Gosselin kid?I like all of them! haha no I love COLLIN!! idk, it's really hard to choose one :D yes, Kate + 8 - Jon has a new show and I've seen the first ep and the kids had grown taller omigosh!
  2. AMERICAN and CANADIAN IDOL - everytime it's AI/CI season, I watch it tho it's really not that interesting anymore coz I, we felt like we've seen it all already :D
  3. PINOY DREAM ACADEMY - are the past shows still included?! haha this is PDA 2 I'm talking about, they didn't have PDA 1 on TFC before so I really don't know the dreamers from that batch. So when they've been advertising on TFC about PDA 2 and their mentors, I got really excited and I almost flew out to California to audition. Why?because MAESTRO RYAN CAYABYAB mentored this batch of dreamers and they didn't just performed for the mass, but to GERARD SALONGA as well! oh gosh! I'd do everything just to work for these maestro's. :D and goopy Bugoy Drilon was my bet (: he only came up second tho but whatevs, he's good :D
  4. PBB - srsly?lol! naah, I was only addicted from Melai's season :D my gt sisters can prove this lol! owverrr! haha I just don't wanna be involved anymore with reality shows like this one, if you're pretty and you talk to guys, they'll tag you as a flirt. if you happen to be the oldest one in the house and you're just trying to be a father or an older brother to them, they'll hate you coz you're the miss/mister-I-know-it-all. If you're rich, you don't deserve to be the winner, coz you're rich already and you don't need the money anymore. I hate the 3rd reason the most! IDK, I don't wanna comment anymore, ya know what I already mean by this. (:
  5. MOMAY - haha the reason why I like this show, is because of Xyriel. She's a great child actress!
  6. SHOWTIME - Vice Ganda's witty lines and Jhong Hilario's unstoppable dare-devil moves.

  1. WWE/UFC/BOXING - I kickassesbox, my sister is in karate, my dad during his younger years used to taekwondo and used to mess with samurai, and as for my mom?I dunno haha she's my mom so she's the best, she takes care of us ;) so my passion for martial arts and sports is already a no surprise to some. The reason why I think I "surprise" most people, is they don't expect me, someone who wear heels, dresses, and into girly stuff is interested and willing to sweat when some of the girls will choose to stay in an a/c room :D I sometimes dream about making it "big" like having an actual fight :d haha
Just by reading this entry I think little by little you're learning more about "me". How about you?Do we share the same "craziness?" Do you like the shows I watch?are you into nerds? Do you like watching fight nights?be it WWE or UFC or Boxing?

Lemme know how "crazy" are you with your TV SHOWS (:

I started this entry with a music video so I'm gonna end it with one. :D

I was gonna post a Lenny Kravitz cover from Michael Cruz, but I like wonderwall better ;)
enjoy dolls!

This is my entry for this week's Carnival.

Thank you for reading. :D

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bechay said...

I like Momay too :)

RoSe said...

Ohhh... you like Criminal Minds too!:) I <3 that show 'coz it makes me feel like a profiler at the end of each episode. I learn a lot of interesting facts as well regarding the psyche of criminal offenders. Given the chance, I think I'd like to be a part of the BAU too. Hehe!


Ohh~ he's nice!
He has nice quality of voice.!

Mervin said...

nice voice... =p

lornadahl said...

Nice entry! :D

College batchmate ko si Michael Cruz. :D

Just like you, I love Prisonbreak, CSI and Showtime. I feel guilty for being unable to include Pinoy shows so I'd try to come up with a follow up entry to laud local shows.

I'm a frustrated anthropologist. Maybe I should watch Bones na rin. Hmmm...

OmniSevenStar said...

Nice post. Michael Cruz is really one of the best contestants on their batch, though maybe nadiscrimate sya bec. of the gay issue sa kanya.. sayang.. pero nabigyan din sya ng break sa singing bee :-)

mattscradle said...

Like the song. I may not know the singer but he sings with a great voice.

Lynn said...

I love Bones, CSI and The Mentalist. I don't watch reality TV though. :)

Michie said...

Me (heart) PRISON BREAK, too! Felt sad because there isn't a new season to look forward to. I love Grey's Anatomy as well.