I am absolutely 100% certain that to all that will come across this post will agree with me that REJECTION or being rejected is not the one feeling or thing that we wanna happen to us even to our "beloved" enemy. I am pretty sure that we all have our own share of rejection story, us being rejected or us rejecting someone.

REJECTION is unavoidable, simple NO happens everyday. It may not be as "big" or as "hurtful" as being rejected by the one you love, friendship rejection, job rejection, project proposal rejection, saying NO is just part of our everyday life.

So I'm just gonna STOP being redundant here before I start banging my head on the wall out of frustration jk! Ok, so let's start the ball rolling.

I am NOT the kind of person who do the first approach, because yes, you guessed it right -- I AM AFRAID OF BEING REJECTED!! Wells, if I need something like ask for directions then I do the approach haha Ok. hmmm, if you got rejected, you question yourself, am I not good enough?It just affects you as a whole. That's what I don't like about it, when I "doubt" my capabilities, so as much as possible I don't approach people.

Even with making friends, I don't, like I said, I am afraid of being rejected. That's why I am really thankful to all my friends coz I am pretty sure that they did approach me first. And in the past weeks I met new friends, thank you very much for offering "friendship" to me. I feel wonderful that there are people who actually find me "nice" and maybe "interesting" and wanted me to be their friend.

I just feel awesome. I feel blessed.


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Candice said...

Like you, I'm afraid of rejection too. I was rejected by a lot of girls in school several times already and I felt hurt.

Whenever a lot of girls poke fun or do something to me, I feel like crying. For several times I wished I was in their place picking other people.