I feel wonderful, I feel blessed and I am feeling guilty right now that I've been trying to write something in the past hour only finding myself hitting the delete key. Why am I feeling guilty? No. It's not because of too much eating or spending too much money today, it's because of my father's day entry. I am abashed of myself that I didn't get to do this on mother's day and it felt like the only reason why I am doing it right now for father's day is because The Lessons from my Father is the topic of the week for the carnival and I don't wanna miss it. If ever one day my mom will see this post, I don't want her to feel "jealous" coz I love my mama and papa equally, infinity.

Wow! I think I feel much better now and I can carry on.

Before I even get into all about my father, I am taking this opportunity to thank this special man, if it weren't for him my dad won't be here on earth and I also won't be. ;)

and this person is
my grampa!

My lolo and lola died 10 years ago now I think?I am not even sure if he's here beside me now and can read this but I still wanna express my gratitude to both of them for raising all their 7 kids right. ;)

So what are the lessons I've learned from my father?What kind of father my father is?What are the "qualities" a man should possess to be considered as an outstanding father?

I bought a card a week ago to send to my papa for father's day and this is what the card says:

A special dad gives his family.. room to grow, courage to try, faith to believe, wings to fly.

You show your love in so many ways -- in your strong values, your quiet wisdom, and above all, your devotion to your family and home..

The card was specifically made for my papa. ;) If I didn't moved out a year ago, I don't think I'll have the same perspective or even appreciate, I mean he'll always be the world's number one dad to me and my sister but I am talking about the message from the card. My dad is a strict one, he's overprotective but he gave us room to grow, enough courage to try, strong faith to believe and wings to fly and I am wicked thankful for that. I am thankful that he trusted us that we can do it or try our best to be "independent" and not being stoopid. The old man has strong values and he stand to what he believes in, and I think I got that from him. My dad is actually more of a "nagger" than my mom, he's a loud one =)) but when he's serious and quiet you'll be amazed with his wisdom and that wisdom that he shares are from his own experiences. I adore how my father is devoted to us, to our home, to his siblings, to his nieces and nephews and his devotion in helping people in need. I am proud to be my father's daughter and I honestly can't imagine being a daughter of other people. I am aware that my dad is not a perfect person, just like the rest of us, he has his own flaws, but it doesn't matter. MY DAD IS THE PERFECT FATHER in his daughters lovely and loving eyes ;)


I spent most of my childhood with my father especially the time when the family decided to settle in the Philippines and my mom at that time I believe, just can't leave her career abroad so I was raised majority by my papa. There are a lot of things I've learned from my father and I wanna share that to everyone.

this is the one lesson we just didn't learn from our family, I mean just by watching tv and hear stories from other people, we know how important it is to finish school so I'm really not gonna include this one.

is it just me or the picture is really "loud?"

My father taught me on how NOT to be a rebel. I grew up in the old fashioned pinoy way, palo sa butt. Of course that time I thought I am not being loved. All I wanted was to wear that red Simpsons shirt while playing patintero, but too bad my papa saw me wearing that shirt WHILE playing patintero so he called me home and I got palo many times. He told me NOT to wear that red Simpsons shirt because that's the shirt I'm gonna wear the next day when we go to my other tito's house since laundry's not done yet, that's the only decent shirt I have to wear for that occasion. Why didn't I see this as an "abuse?" because looking back now, I actually don't remember or "feel" the pain of getting hit anymore, all I could remember was my dad being sorry for hitting me and trying to explain to me that I need to obey rules. If it weren't for that important word -- sorry, I don't think I will understand why I was getting hit, I think I'll be a rebel and compare myself to other kids who was just sent to face the wall instead of getting palo sa butt.


The relevance of the picture?Our papa taught us NOT to kiss asses even if it's your own blood, you don't have to sugarcoat the truth just to impress, because according to him and I also believe that no matter what you do, no matter what you say people will find fault in you so just be yourself. *arggh! I just lost my train of thought dayyumm!* "Kaya mo kaya?" I remember him uttering those words 2 years ago when I was asked/volunteered myself to sing the solo first part of the song The Prayer for our concert, it's not that I don't have the talent, but I remember now that I wanted to, but I am really nervous so maybe he felt that nervousness too, I know deep inside he wanted me to have my "shining" moment but he's afraid that I might forget the lyrics or go flat because of too much anxiousness and ended up humiliating myself on stage. Like my sister said, not because he is our father he will sugarcoat the truth, it's not like he is not confident that we can do it, like I said, he is overprotective, so he is just protecting us from getting hurt.



I've asked friends around on what are the things they appreciate the most about my father as their tito. I know what my friends had said are not bullshizz because I saw and felt how much my dad love them as his own daughters.





My papa taught me how to value friendship and treat them as a family not just FRIENDS, love them unconditionally, and you will be treated the same. And just loving your family, because in the end your family is all you've got. (:


credits to google

You can tell it from some of my entries right? I love being a filipina and proud of it! And even if I stay here in Canada for the next 30 years of my life, I don't think I will ever forget my roots. (:

I know it's such a long post and maybe some of you decided to just not finish this entry,







I am actually surprised that I got my sister into doing this, so I am gonna semi-end my entry with what she's gotta say.


Last words: I LOVE MY PAPA, I LOVE MY MAMA AND I LOVE MY SISTER with all my heart and I am so lucky that I am part of THE family and I will never fail them. ;) I feel wonderful. I feel blessed. And my father is the perfect one for us. ;)


Thank you to all my wonderful friends who participated in such a short notice. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

And yes, this is my entry for Team Carnival

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aizel camille said...

I'm sure your papa is so proud of you... You're sweet.. =)

Candice said...

Very touching post. Happy father's day to your dad! :)

Em said...

thank you both for appreciatin ;)

Mervin said...

Happy father's day to your dad...

Lynn said...

Wonderful post... my dad's been dead since I was a baby so Father's day is like any other day to me but Yay for you and your dad.

You were a cutie Em, but why was your dad wearing your headband? LOL!

Em said...

@Lynn: coz he was also my "mom" when my mom is out of the country haha