Yes! In Canadian dollars and let's win it! haha I've been wanting to post about this a week ago since the pot money hasn't been won yet but I didn't had enuf time/ I actually didn't made it on time for that post and I was secretly been praying to God since then that "Please God, please let nobody win it coz I wanna try my luck here." And God heard me and answered my prayer, nobody won the jackpot since I dunno, all I know is someone is destined to win that $50M ;) Maybe "fate" is just waiting for me to go to the lottery booth and try my luck. OR maybe "fate" is waiting for you ;).

ooppss brb! phone's ringing and it's my dad! ;)

so after 10 mins (that's what it said after I ended the call).


ok what?seriously?! haha

So my dad is just "coaching" me coz I dunno how to do this lotto thing and tomorrow will be my first time to go to a booth and fill out a block haha

AND I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS!! Let's play lotto and who knows?We MIGHT win it! I have some conditions tho


  1. We'll split the money. 50-50
  2. You MUST choose at least TWO charitable institutions or your chosen church/es where we can donate 10% for each out of your jackpot money. What?You don't expect the other half all to yourself right?! come on! LEARN how to SHARE!

And as for the RULES, here's how we'll do it:

  1. COMMENT - please DO NOT hesitate to comment here and give your numbers.
  2. NUMBERS - to all those who wanna join, give me SEVEN numbers.. SEVEN!! NOT six or five or eight.. SEVEN :D numbers to choose from are between 1 -49 I believe (or from what I remember from my dad and I's conversation a lil while ago).
Ok, I think that's about it. COMMENT and give me your SEVEN numbers ok?!

REMEMBER: numbers should only be between 1-49.

Tomorrow after work (which is Wednesday my time), I will play all the numbers from the bloggers who wanna join. I will be online tomorrow before work to check for responses so I am really hoping you guys are equally determined in winning the jackpot. ;)


Draw date is Friday night I believe :D

4 statements:

devil_under_light said...

7 - 16 - 26 - 31 - 38 - 42 - 46

We just won luv.

bakaranger said...

24 18 31 16 4 27 33

para sa bantay-bata! lol

Mervin said...

21 - 24 - 25 - 05 - 20 - 04 - 30

Anonymous said...

01- 08-09-16-24-27-48

I'm sorry it's two sets, this is just the numbers Mik and I went for awhile back :))Hope it brings you luck, doll. You can pick just one :)