Remember about the entry about a week ago?about the $50M Lotto Jackpot that I wanted to win?(silly, who doesn't want $50M?)and I also asked everyone who's interested to take part in it?I got 6 sets of numbers to play, 5 of them from my dear blogger friends and the 6th set was my mine of course, and before I forget, those who took part, you guys all owe me $6 each haha jk! so erase that part ;)

Seriously, with FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS, whachu gonna do with it? Nights before they draw the winning numbers, I can't sleep, and it's not because of insomnia, it was from too much thinking on how I'll spend the money (I am no winner yet and there I was counting chicks already haha). Then my charities / organizations I wanna help out, Bantay Bata 163, Give A Life Foundation, and BecauseIamAGirl and with the rest of the money? I am gonna ask my parents to retire, give them money so they can travel the world and just enjoy! They've sacrificed so many things already and I just wanted to give back, some to my sister so she can do whatever she wants and as for myself? "I am gonna buy a house", "a car (tho I don't have a license yet)", "a new wardrobe", "I'll hire a make-up artist so I don't frustrate myself with my lack of skills", I'll beat Imelda Marcos and her shoe collection!" and I'll pay my and my sister's tuition fees for our last two years in school. That was how I send my self to sleep a week ago, spending the jackpot money!.

Then Friday came, I was trying to not be excited at all, tho I was already feeling that if not the whole $50Mil, at least, I know, I am hundred percent certain that I or one of the numbers will win. ;). It's a good thing that I haven't done packing my suitcases yet and I still need to clean my apartment before leaving, so the whole day my mind was off the lotto jackpot.

My flight was at 6:30 in the morning, so obviously, I didn't had the time to go to a lotto booth to check my ticket because of the mad dash that morning so the bf and I will get to the airport on time and we did, tho we got "lost" and he couldn't get his gps workin. An hour and 45 minutes later (yep, just a short flight), my plane landed, and as soon as I saw my folks, I told my dad that we need to check my ticket as I was itching to hear the jackpot sound confirming that I did win (oh, don't you just love my optimism) :D So we did check my ticket.. and guess what?I am so darn right!!


Yes! The jackpot sound, I am ready to flash that million dollar smile to press while holding that big cheque with my name printed on it and the prize that I won. And I am sorry if you were feeling all the excitement but I actually didn't win :D That was just me dreaming.

Oh wells, we'll try again next time..

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goyo said...

hahahaha. ang sarap nyan. instant millionaire. :) sana ako din may manalo nyan.. haha.

--followed you already. ako yung walang pics sa follower, yung 'natasdeyenworb' name. hope you'll follow me back too. nasa blogroll na din kita. seeyah. :)

kikilabotz said...

i thought you really won..haha.. you got me...haha

beter luck nxt time