Em on LOVE, SEX, SEX, SEX and FOREVER (yeah just giving some emphasis here). I've been trying to come up with this entry for the longest time and I'm just having the hardest time to collect my scattered thoughts. It's all up here, but the train of thoughts just wouldn't harmonize all together. At least today, I'm giving it another shot.

SPOILER ALERT: There are some details I am spilling about the book, so if you're interested in the book and hates spoilers then LEAVE, if not, I guess you can stay and I am begging haha

I've finished reading the book FOREVER by Judy Blume a week ago.

The book was really written intended for teens. It's not your typical mushy pocketbook with lotsa cheesy moments BUT it shows us the face of our generation today and what (maybe) it will look like 10 or 20 years from now, how they look at SEX.

The main characters of the story are: Michael Wagner, Katherine Danziger, and Ralph, just Ralph ahm ok sure Ralph Wagner with supporting characters: Mr. & Mrs. Danziger, Jamie Danziger, Erica Small, Artie, Sybil, Theo etc. etc.

To just cut the story short, Michael and Katherine started dating, they had their first kiss, trying to get it on and failed (at least for the first few tries), they promised forever to each other, they planned their whole life ahead, they're gonna be together forever and no one will ever break them apart. They had SEX successfully and they've been doing it every chance they get. Having had read a lot of sensual scenes and trust me on this one, it wasn't from a porn blog, I was disappointed that the author FAILED to arouse my imagination, then again, it's meant for teenagers not for people like me whom like I just said, had read more sensual scenarios. Despite the lack of success in making me excited, I had to give her props for keeping it teenager-ish, it made me look back on what I was when I was Katherine's age, I can relate to everything except for the sex part. Oh, just in case you're wondering where Ralph is in this picture?ahm he's inside Michael's pants. lol! do you guys name your penises?maybe just between you and your gf/wife eh? it's just funny every single time they get horny, "Ralph misses you", "Help Ralph" "I sucked Ralph until that white thing came out." I dunno I ROFL every single time.

Sure I fell in love for the first time when I was a teenager, promised that person, FOREVER, planned our future together, what we'll name our kids blah blah bullshitzz. Like the main characters of the story, our FOREVER too, ended. I have lots of questions back then, some things gave me the closure that I needed, some were forgotten. I knew NOTHING back then (though I thought I did), there were so many things going through in my head that time and as minutes went by, I just forgot what it was all about. I don't love him anymore but I'm still hurt, not of the fact that we as lovers had to end what we had, our friendship was also gone the day we decided to go separate ways. I just didn't lose in the love battle, but I also lost our friendship, I lost my bestfriend when we became a couple and just after a month of dating, we lost each other and we lost the friendship we valued for years. *sigh* *sigh* our FOREVER was brief. I am nonetheless happy to see where he is right now, that we're much better apart. I just kinda wished that we didn't go beyond friendship, I guess nothing is really meant to be for us to have not even companionship.

When you let go of someone you love does that mean you didn't love enuf? If the reason was because of another person, how could you be interested with another individual when you know you're "committed" and very much in love with someone already? Why does flirting even exists? and why the fuck do other people flirt back? Is SEX really important in a relationship? and I ain't talking about SEX in MARRIAGE, it's BEFORE getting married.And why when a FOREVER ends, why is it hard for the people involved to move on? You wanna know what I think why? People are STUCK with forever. I mean sure, you're hurt but don't you wanna move on when it's clear that the other person is already happy?either being alone or with someone else? Some people will effing cry for forever with because forever as an excuse.

Last question's answered already so up to the first one now.

When you let go of someone you love does that mean you didn't love enuf?
- Couple end a relationship for different reasons: One partner fell out of love/ain't happy no more. Too much arguing, instead of bringing happiness to each other, the relationship is just becoming stressful for both people. Infidelity. Whatever your reason is, it will still boil down to the fact that the relationship needed to END. And if you decided not to continue fighting for "love" anymore, it doesn't mean you didn't give enough, it doesn't mean you didn't love enough, you didn't care enough. Sometimes, letting go is the key to being happy. You sure don't want to be in a relationship that doesn't give you something to look forward to, do you? Whatever your end in the relationship, remember that there will always be a RAINBOW after every storm.

If the reason was because of another person, how could you be interested with another individual when you know you're "committed" and very much in love with someone already?
- I guess this one is more of an infatuation. Or you're lusting for that person. Katherine in the book "fell" for Theo. It was interesting how it all began, the two of them. They were both employed for the camp to teach tennis, sure they see each other everyday, but no serious/friendship TALKS, everyday is ahm nothing but just in passing (more of). One night, Katherine was horny but slept it off and she woke up blushing, she dreamed of making love with a man she's not supposed to be in bed with. -- THEO! I think it's fair enough that in most cases, we can in a more appropriate way say that being interested with another individual while committed with someone is equal as infatuation or lusting. There's no way I see it as "love", love itself is profound. You have to know the person inside out, flaws, weaknesses, before you can say "I love this person."

Why does flirting even exists? and why the fuck do other people flirt back?
- Why does flirting exists? for SINGLE people. If you're dedicated to someone already, you don't need to flirt, and don't give me LAME excuse like "flirting adds spice to the relationship", "I want thrill". Well, if you want spice, chug down a whole bottle of tabasco sauce and if you want thrill, go ghost haunting. Why do some people flirt back? It's either their drunk and horny and their partner is not there to give them some screaming orgasm/they wanna honk somebody that night OR they're perfectly sober and just stupid and up for some "thrill".

Is SEX really important in a relationship?
- Yes. For couple who'd done it and doing it every chance they get. No. For couple who are willing to wait. No. For single people who can't get themselves a bf or a gf. What's your stand? I wanna answer and semi-end my entry with four questions that were asked in the book and let's see how many people are brave enough to give me a piece of their brains and I just might make another entry for all of it. INCLUDING MINE. ;)

  1. Is sexual intercourse necessary for the relationship?
  2. What should you expect from sexual intercourse?
  3. If you should need help where will you seek it?
  4. Have you thought about how this relationship will end?
Just in case you've noticed, I haven't really talked about my stand on sex and relationship after all and I am about to end this entry. Like I said, I wanna know how many people are daring enough to answer those 4 questions above. No worries, I'm not gonna "copy" what you said, it's kinda like a survey on what people esp teenagers these days and their opinion on SEX and RELATIONSHIP.

And to end this entry, If you read my Cheesier than Chuck E Cheese entry, then you know I'm very much in love and committed. I am a cornball yes, I say FOREVER to us and I don't think there's nothing wrong with it. It's inevitable to not say I LOVE YOU FOREVER. INFINITY. To someone you really really love. Yes. The future is hell unsure, but we all gotta have a little faith you know. Do whatever we can to make our relationship be FOREVER, if it did work out then it's meant to be, if not, at least you tried. At the end of the day, we all gotta accept the fact that not all people we meet are meant to stay with us FOREVER, they may stay for a while though, to give us life lessons that one day we will look back on and be thankful for. They just didn't come into our lives for nothing or "accidentally".

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Carrie said...

i was at borders yesterday and i saw this book. i though it was pretty interesting and i was about to buy it. but then i didn't. idk, it looked like a cliche teen story. hahaha.

Lynn said...

Hey Em! Nice post... too bad I'm too chicken to answer your questions, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to read your entry but I wanna read the book too D: I read the last paragraph and the first bit and i was like "whaaaa...? DANG IT!" Haha I LOVE YOU EMMMMMMMAAAAALEIGHHHHHH

Em said...

@Carrie: oh it is! ;) but since I ain't a teenager no more, it just made me look back on what my life was when I was a teenager.

@Lynn: it's ok ;) haha maybe you can email it to me?and I'll just re-post that as anonymous. :p

@Mara: I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! haha read the book doll and lemme know what you think about it. ;)

rhaindropz said...

hi em.. thank you for sharing.. (^_^) hehehe.. sabi ng friend ko wala naman daw opinyon na mali hmmm.. you're right i saying

"Do whatever we can to make our relationship be FOREVER, if it did work out then it's meant to be, if not, at least you tried."

same as you, at this very moment, im much in-love and committed (^_^)

hugs and kisses

Em said...

@rhaindropz: thank you for dropping by ;) stay in love dear :D

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

Em pwede bang maki-epal ang driver sa gantong usapan? lolz.

for me, it's not that too important i think, because base on my experience di namin masyado pinagtutuunan ng pansin ni gf yun, pero mukhang magiging forever nadin yung relationship namin. :-)