WE are having sextuplets!! I know I haven't been blogging for a while then BAM! Here I come announcing to the world that P and I are having sextuplets! I am really not exactly sure how many couples out there are blessed with sextuplets, I'm guessing not a heck of a lot.


I am pretty sure the moms and dads out there can relate to the oh-my-gosh?-ok- what?-that's-my-baby-on-the-screen??!!!!!!!! confused happy exciting moment. A BABY! That is if you're only expecting for a child obviously. But what if you look at the screen and you see 6 little weird indescribable objects and your doctor tells you, "hmm, I am counting six and that means YOU ARE HAVING SEXTUPLETS!" OOO MYYYY GOOOSSSSH! That exact moment, I dunno what I'm gonna feel, am I supposed to cry? Or say? THANK YOU? when the doctor told me I'm gonna be a mommy of 6? One pregnancy and I am having 6 angels! munn! Both P and I were holding each others hands and we were both ice cold!

Seriously, after the doctor's appointment we could only make a joke about it and try to absorb everything. Me with a height of 5 ft nothing with a big tummy carrying 6 little angels inside. Gosh! I really should start saving up now for a tummy tuck after giving birth. Who wants a sagging tummy? Anyone?

I woke up this morning and looked back at yesterday's event that indeed shocked us, -- sextuplets, the cold numb feeling, the sagging tummy, the constant changing of dirty diapers, despite the complete SURPRISE, having such blessings made me smile, I was pacified, my smile then turned into a rolling on the floor laughing when I realized all of it was just a dream. YES. A dream.


Yes. A dream. I had to google what does being pregnant in a dream means and if you're thinking it will happen in real life -- the pregnancy? The answer is NO or not yet at least! It said there that being pregnant in a dream symbolizes an aspect or aspects in my personal life that is developing and growing. It also said there that being pregnant in a dream represents the birth of a new idea, project or goal. (winks at Mara). [source: here].

So enuf of the dream interpretation.

I've been tagged back by Aryan and her questions are pretty interesting. Answer the 8 questions now shall I?

If you can bring a dead person to life, who would you want it to be?
- It would be my grampa from my mama's side (pleads to my grampa on papa's side: please lolo don't be mad, you were a wonderful lolo to me and I love you and our bonding moments back then were doubtlessly unforgettable. please hear me out on why I chose the other lolo). My grampa on my mama's side died the year before I was even born, so we never had the chance to play and bond or even be in the same picture together. I, personally, had been hearing lotsa wonderful stories about how great of a man my lolo was and unfortunately for me, I'll always wonder what it will feel like if my grampa was still alive when I was born and him so proud of his new born granddaughter and just making memories together, just like what me and my lolo from my papa's side had.

What's your favorite lyric, from what song and why?
- I have different favourite songs from different genres and with different reasons of course. My fav church song is Lead Me Lord.

You are my light, I cannot live alone let me stay by your guiding light all through my life, lead me lord.

even in darkness, God will continue to guide us.

You help me to discover me
I just want you to put trust in me
I kind of laugh when you cuss at me
The aftermath is you touching me
It's destiny we connected girl
You and I, we can affect the world
I'm tired of the fast lane
I want you to have my last name

- It's a song from Common, and that's the song P "dedicated" to me when he was trying to win me back one night sometime long ago. I was like "what the eff, it doesn't make any sense" yeah until the last part. *blush blush*

What was your best night-dream ever?
- well, the sextuplets dream. It's uhm, based on what it meant, it symbolizes personal growth and development. haha growth?I'll prolly grow more inches =)) haha naah I think I'll be more mature now lol! and as for the new project, ideas and goal? I want to succeed!

Would you consider abortion if one day you wake up and you find you are pregnant and you don't know whose it is?
- NO. I am scared of what my dad will do to me once he finds out, I am embarrassed by the thought of me being a disgrace to my family, but at the end of the day, my family are humans so they'll still forgive me and accept me and the baby eventually, and that I can think I can handle, the wait for their forgiveness. What I can't entertain is the fact that I am planning on killing a human being, a gift from the heaven. I am frightened of my dad's would be actions on me, but I am more scared of God's wrath and the bad karma.

Who would you be if you could be anybody?
- ahm, I dunno.. can't think of any right now. sorry :(

What's your biggest regret?
- rejecting some opportunities that came my way.

The end of the world is tomorrow, what would you do?
- fly back to Brandon and be with my family. I'm not gonna perish here in my apartment alone. hello?

Would you make peace with your worst enemy?
- nah. It depends actually. When I think I'm ready then yes, I'll prolly be the first to say "I'm sorry", but if it's all for publicity shizz or coz of other people, then NO. I'll only make peace if I know in my heart I'm sincere.


so there's the tag game! haha I enjoyed it. ;) I also noticed that from my own set of questions both Mara and Aryan like me, wanted to be the opposite sex for a day. It's interesting how fascinating it is for us to want to experience the ting-a-ling-hanging-in-between-the-legs-they-call-penis, to be able to pee standing up.

I am seeing myself right now being a guy standing in front of a mirror being so happy, so happy I could tie a pink ribbon around my penis while dancing the papaya dance.


Weird kid I am.

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Kim said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! omg!!! congtas hun! :) good luck with your pregnancy

Anonymous said...

Damn. I wish I had good dreams. I'm jealous D: Yay for projects! :))

H. said...

OMG! I also dreamed of being pregnant before. Siguro mga 4 times na and it never fails to scare me. As in I'm panting for breath when I wake up. Sometimes it really seems so real, I'll almost cry on my dream. Good thing that that was what it means. :)

aizel camille said...

what an interesting dream.. =) and very nice meaning... =)

J said...

If each fetus will symbolize six of evolving aspects in your life, then that's good. :) Enjoy!

AdroidEnteng said...

if its real,i feel very blessed.nyahahha....^_^