Yeah everybody's aware of that fact. I dunno, I just can't think of any good title right now and I am not even sure why I'm blogging at this very moment. I guess I just wanted to say something for my first post for this month.

I really should be collecting my thoughts together and start writing about the four questions from this entry and if you're not in the mood to check it out, I'll just paste the 4 questions here, maybe some you will be interested enuf to answer it, if not, it's ok.

  1. Is sexual intercourse necessary for the relationship?
  2. What should you expect from sexual intercourse?
  3. If you should need help where will you seek it?
  4. Have you thought about how this relationship will end?
To those who wanna take part of it, go ahead and comment or if you think your answers are gonna be really long you can email me at myfingersaretyping@hotmail.com and also if you're too "shy" but still wanna give me a piece of your brain, EMAIL ME! I don't bite ;) and if you want your answers to be posted as from "anonymous", I'll respect that, no worries. I'm just really interested with people and what they think about sexual intercourse these days. Is it considered a taboo? Yes?No?Maybe?

Yes. Because it's improper and it's a SIN unless you're married.

No. If you don't care and you enjoy the pleasure.

Maybe. If you're in between "do I wanna do it?" or "I shouldn't do it".

REALLY, I should stop right here before I get carried away and spill my thoughts reserved for the 4 questions entry.

Go ahead and answer the 4 questions. ;)

So what else is new? I've been sick since Saturday. I've been coughing my lungs out and I've got runny nose, what a way to welcome the month of August! ahm and after over a year of pure laziness and non stop pigging out, I enrolled myself back to kickboxing again!! woot! It's been 2 weeks, yep! Every single effing time I come in, the training/workout are getting more intense! I shouldn't be complaining you know, but I'm always sore after, my legs are wobbly and my arms are so aching that for a couple of days I am struggling with my bra, I can't hook it on.

Is there a worse part from it so far?

I think the worse part of the training workout so far are the dumbbells. I was being a princess so I took the 3 lb ones. We used that to get the rhythm, not for hardcore combination coz I don't think you're supposed to, but after a while you'll get sore and after some time the 3lbs will feel like they weigh 10 lbs each and your arms felt like they're gonna fall off.

Second are the push ups! who invented the push ups? seriously! I hate doing push ups coz I don't know how, I never knew how! If you'll see from behind I look like a struggling frog trying to get up from a fall or something, I sometimes forget that you should be bending your elbows as you go down, so I look really stupid while doing push ups =)) hey, at least I have some coordination going on, I can do jumping jacks unlike these guys.

LOL at the 3rd guy from the left, hands and feet coordination fail!

I am so defensive about me not being able to do push ups =)) haha

Another not my favourite part, jump ropes. It's just awkward to see your self in the mirror (yes, we workout in front of a wall sized mirror) and your boobs also jumping up and down. =))

Best Part?
The exercise ball! Mara and I were chatting one day and we talked about the exercise ball, we have two (a red and a purple I believe) at my parents' house but I never saw anyone in my family used it, I never used it so I had no idea at all whatsoever. Mara told me she had fun bouncing on it so my idea of the ball was for bouncing and for the abs like you lay down, your upper body resting on the ball while you're on a squat position and you do your sit ups. Last Saturday was my first time on the ball and there are sooooo many ways on how to use it and the whole time I was thinking of Mara and how she'll prolly enjoy the ball workout. I did. Meagan told me I did a fantastic job considering so I was really happy about it. muunn! I maybe fat but I have monstrous flexibility but I suck at timing and I have a terrible sense of balance. =))

Over a year ago, I only got to the point of my training where I only got to use the kick & punch target, which is about a size of a pillow and someone will hold that up against their body and you kick it and the short focus mitt. And now to my delight, I get to do this baby

the heavy bag! but ours tho isn't touching the ground but yeah, same idea

The first day on the dojo, on the mat, I was really rusty, because I've gained the weight I lost from back when I was into kickboxing and for over a year I've got no exercise at all except for walking. I am happy with my performance especially the sit ups, with my bulging tummy on my way I can't even imagine I can get myself up. Sensei Rem had us do sit ups that day too, 3 rounds 30 secs each with 10 secs intervals. I did the first round non stop then came the second round I was really slowing down and the third round pssh I'm like dead already! haha I was also surprised with my kicks esp my left foot. My right foot is a baby, it's so weak, ok get a pillow and hold it up against your body and have a one year old kick it, that's how flimsy my right foot is, and my left foot? pssh! Angela my sparring partner that day who's been in the program for over a year now is at most times losing her balance when my left foot is kicking, no exaggeration but yeah she's struggling to keep her balance, my left foot still got the kicks! bwuahaha As for my boxing?hmm I've lost my rhythm.

Question: I just find it bizarre that I am right handed but my left foot and my left hand are both stronger than my right foot and my right hand. Is that "normal?", from day one, I expected my rights to be the dominant ones but it turned out to be the weaklings.

Gaah that's it. I got carried away again, got to go now.

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Anonymous said...

DOOD I GOT THE BALL. I love being on it. Bouncing is fun :))


Interesting question, for me sex is important but not to the point that your relationship should revolve around it. Like do it out of love and not for the heck of it or just to satisfy your partner. :-)