So this is part four

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This entry is for all our souvenir shops haul :D Do you guys buy postcards or fridge magnets as a souvenir either for yourself or for your family and friends? I do! And I love getting postcards from my friends too, it's touching to know that they remembered you while they were on vacation. :D

PART FOUR is all about some more food, postcards, magnets and my back to school haul.


Who doesn't love to eat? haha

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These fed the four of us already.


 postcards and the pencil and the magnet I bought

more postcards

key chains, the red envelope you put money in to give as gifts for the holidays,
a dvd, and a travel journal for my sister.

I am saving the best for last! Most of our back to school haul are from a store in the Pacific Palace, it's not Sanrio but they are licensed to sell Sanrio merchandise. There are couple other stores that sell Sanrio stuff but they are the fake ones. How can you tell? Aside from the fact that the owners told us, you can easily spot fakes. Fakes of course are less expensive than the original and the Sanrio characters faces are just a bit distorted/it's just off and the texture feels weird too. 

Let's start with my HELLO KITTY

Hello Kitty bag, Hello Kitty pen w/ 6 different inks and a Hello Kitty pillow
[my dad's early birthday present for me]

My computer desk. [the COACH sling bag was a gift from my mom and the MAC book that you see is my sister's].
hmm here's the other stuf
there's a monkey pencil case.
a froggy post it.
Hello Kitty: lunch box [another gift from my mom], a hand held mirror, a mini notebook, a mini ruler, a paper clip holder, photo frame, a headband, coin purse and a mini clip.
Can you tell I'm excited and ready for school now?! lulz!

Then we went to the CrossIron mall and I didn't know there's actually a Sanrio store in there, went it and bought this.

that's the front

the back


The downside of the wallet? It's too small/tight for all my plastics and other garbage I keep in my wallet (like receipts, etc haha). I have other Hello Kitty stuff even before this haul, but I have more Paul Frank, and a lil bit of Tinkerbell. I fell in love with monkeys first before I fell for cats haha And the bf was surprised with the Hello Kitty gaga coz I am the girl who spazzes at the sight of Paul Frank or just any random monkeys and out of nowhere wave my hand with my imaginary wand at the sight of Tinkerbell. I told the boyfriend, I'm still loyal with my monkeys and Tinkerbell, the reason why I went Sanrio gaga was, there's no Sanrio store at the mall (there used to be one but they closed it already a year ago) unlike, Paul Frank and Tinkerbell they have a licensed store for them at the mall and there's a Disney store too. Sanrio?I dunno when I'm going next to Calgary, so while I was there, bought every thing I needed.

Now, let's see what my sister bought.

Doraemon bag

a coin purse

Doraemon: tissue holder, the small one beside it is a towelette holder (I think),
one of the boxes is a mug and I forgot what the other one is.

Yay! That's it for my summer vacay entries! haha School is gonna start in two weeks.

  • How's your summer vacay?
  • School started for you yet?If so, how's school treating you?If not yet, are you excited to go back?!
HIGHFIVES and HUGSHUGS if you made it 'til here! ;)

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Mara said...

SUmmer vacay? Long forgotten memory :p

School is death. It better make me rich beyond my dreams one day :))

*highfives and hugs!*

Mimi said...

all that food is making me really hungry, haha! i loooove hello kitty! and yup, you already know, first day today. and i think it depends on the school cuz some UCs start in 3 weeks, but i guess relatively we start earlier. i'm in college, btw. you? oh, and i hope you get to do the tag. :D

<3, Mimi

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