Seriously, I don't know about you guys but Steven Slater is my working class "hero".

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The story? [watch the vid]

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If you want more stories here's one that I got from Yahoo! news Steven Slater and one from National Post Steven Slater.

As for my rants:

I don't get why some people are just plain rude!! I know we all go through different shizz every day, despite all the dramas in life, some manages to shake off the negativity and try to be in high spirits all day and others?Others just turn into shitbags and drop their brains and whatever human kindness they have left in their system on the ground and walk around like they frakking own the world.

Just like that lady passenger on that flight, wteff lady?GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT? FAIL! I wonder what's her excuse on why didn't she wait until it's time to unbuckle and get her carry-on/s?

Scene 1:
Lady: uhh because I'm stoopid and because I'm stoopid I think I own the world.

Scene 2:
Lady: I'm in a hurry to get out coz I wanna use the airport's ladies room and take a dump.

Scene 3:
Lady: no excuses, damn you people! I'm the bitch and I don't have manners plus ok. yeah. sure. I'm stoopid.

Gaah!! Yes. Steven Slater was at fault too, his actions tho was a simple case of a hard worker who instead of being appreciated was pushed to his limits. Also, he was doing his job and protecting that lady who obviously don't understand airplane protocol. Personally speaking, I'd rather be ignored than be treated like "hey, you're on the clock, I make your paycheck so even if I bust you open you shouldn't complain."

I MAKE YOUR PAYCHECK! from the king and queen of the world wannabes.

I don't like that from anyone who thinks being biatchyybeebee is classy. See. You maybe contributing to a person's paycheck for patronizing his/her/their business but that person who you think is your slave?Yeah. He/she/they contribute to your cheque AS WELL whatever your job is as long as he/she/they pay taxes. The park that you go to on the weekend? The city bus that you ride whenever your car is being useless?Those and a lot more you get to enjoy because of one's person's contribution - yes. by paying taxes. So don't go walk around people like God when created the world gave you a special season pass to rule everyone else.

Well, well, well, if Mr. Slater is in deep shizz, the lady whom he had an altercation with is in DEEPER shizz. You think lady you can boss everybody around eh?haha Karma's a bitch so you know ;)

I rest my case.

Steven Slater is my working class hero. ;)

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