A short entry today =) I'm not really in the mood to type a lot. pssh

I went to London Drugs and obviously bought all these stuff.

OLAY LOTION - They were on sale for $10.99 (was $13.99). OLAY is my and my sister's favourite lotion evuur! My sister has dry skin, like dry dry flaky skin and she had tried all kinds of lotions out there even the expensive ones but none of them really hydrated her skin. Since she discovered OLAY, she's been loyal =)). The one thing I don't like about OLAY is they make us vampires, yeah shinning shimmering splendid vampires! lulz! We sparkle under the sun that you'll think we bathe in glitters =))

QTIPS - I dunno what to say about this one =)) We all need the clean our ears and I run out of QTIPS so I bought one. pwuahaha

POND'S TOWELETTE - It actually came free with the QTIPS ;) I'm not really a fan of makeup removing towelettes but the good thing about this is they are pre-moistened cloths and they're clearly not liquid so you don't have to worry about spills. And if you're going to travel and will only be away for couple nights, a small pack like this is handy and doesn't really have a weight so it can just go in your purse.

L'OREAL PARIS - L'OREAL PARIS magic perfecting base.I'm not really big on drugstore primers, but I want to give this a try. I've read reviews from MakeupAlley and this product is rated average. What made me buy this?Some of the rants I've read are either: 1. expensive for a drugstore product or 2. not oily face friendly. Most of the reviews tho claimed that it made their pores less visible and that's what I wanted to achieve therefore, I bought it. If you wanna know the consistency of this product? It's really thick.

CLEAN & CLEAR MAKEUP REMOVER - I prefer foaming cleanser than the pre-moistened cloths because foaming cleanser are obviously less garbage waste than towelettes and I also find towelettes harsh on the face. The hassle part of it is when I travel, I have to wrap the upper part with a clear tape so if it ended up leaking, the tape will kinda control the damage.

CLEAN & CLEAR DAILY PORE TONER - Why do I love shopping at London Drugs all in all? THEIR SALE! And maybe once or twice a month they have this buy one clean & clear product and you'll get another clean & clear product for free. Yes. I bought the make up remover and got the toner for free. Sweet deal, I've been using clean & clear for ages and promotions like that just work for me.

BODY PUFF - Those are my 3 favourite colours!! wooshaa!! I just need new body puffs. That's all ;)

Yay! That's it for this post.

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