Here is PART ONE. Well, uhm part one is the beginning, bragging everyone about my cooking skills ;) haha come on! For part two, it'll be mostly the places we went to see, and not being boastful here, but I am seriously proud of how my pictures turned out to be really pretty and could pass as postcards.

On our way to Banff

I seriously wanna go back to Banff in the winter and try to ski.


So we drove in and I can't even imagine what I'll look like inside, the park, the mountains, I just can't picture it in my head tho I've been hearing a lot from other people that Banff is indeed a beautiful place. Here's more pictures for you ;)

some of the downtown

This I believe was on the way up to the hot springs

We didn't spend much time up here coz we were extremely excited to ride the Gondola. Most of you guys know that I have motion sickness and I have fear of heights, guess what? I CONQUERED MY FEARS and rode the gondola!

A bit intro about the Gondola ride. The ride will climb up 698m (2,292ft) to an elevation of 2,281m (7,486ft) at the summit upper terminal -- the departure point for a mountain top of activities [source].

Our Gondola ride tickets.

My dad was the only one who didn't ride the Gondola. Tsk! We didn't know that they take pictures before your ride back down, the picture must admit was one of the unflattering I have, but whatevs, I didn't really care, I still think the picture was cool and it will forever remind me that once, I defeated my fears.


On our way up

see, I'm braver now, I can even look behind and take some pictures
[some pics from my fb were taken by my sister].

I honestly almost crap my pants every time we pass this metal thing. The sound it makes felt like it's gonna crash and we're all gonna die tragically. wow! Paranoia! haha

This is the stop.

From the mountaintop, there's that view, ahm I'm not sure if there's also a restaurant, but there's a souvenir shop and there are flags hanging in the ceiling.

There's OUR flag right there! 3 stars and a sun.



This, honestly could pass as a postcard, whacha think?!
You're a stone if you don't think this picture isn't breathtaking.

On our ride back down was when our picture was taken. Sorry. I don't have the balls to post that picture up here haha

The ride back down

That's it for our Gondola ride. Next stop for us was the Bow Falls. It wasn't as attractive as the Niagara Falls, hearing the water calmly (comparing to Niagara) falls and flowing, it's so peaceful that I can just seriously sit there until sunset.

I don't have our pictures from Niagara trip 3 summers ago in my laptop so I'll just use the ones I found on google.


Nighttime at Niagara is the best! It is probably one of the romantic places to be at.

See, I told you :p

I remember there was a band playing when we were in Niagara 3 summers ago (not sure if they have different bands every night) plus the fireworks that to me is really romantic. Watching the falls and the fireworks all at once. 

credits: The Niagara falls pictures aren't mine, I got them from google images.



After our Gondola ride and the Bow Falls we then headed to a Japanese restaurant which btw is located right in front of the inn we stayed in for the night.

Yes. That is the only picture I can provide. We were so hungry that every time our food is served, we almost literally inhaled them.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures ;)

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aizel camille said...

oh my! lovely pictures! The sceneries are breath-taking... =D

and yes, your pictures could really pass as a postcard =D

goyo said...

wow ang ganda namang place nyan.. sana makapunta din ako sa mga lugar na ganyan..

Emmaleigh said...

@ Aizel: thank you! I'm "in love" with my pictures as well haha

@ goyo: yes! it's really beautiful and I do hope you get to visit the place too sometimes :D