Ok so first things first. Do you guys commute? I do sometimes. I both love and hate taking public transpo.

LOVE - there are just so many random things that's happening when you commute. You see people act or dress in a not normal way according to your standards like this girl who takes the same bus as I do every Sunday. I don't know where she works at or what her job is but munn she does overdress! Everything is just too much! She's like Amy Winehouse, only much worse when it comes to fashion and make up. She puts 10 layers of foundation and blush on, on her face and like 4 layers of falsies and super super super duper mega over black eyeliner! That's just the make up, let's go to her hair, I'm not sure if it's called peak-a-boo hairstyle, the bottom half of the hair is usually darker then the upper half is lighter, well whatevs, that's her hair and it's big like hairspray big!

credits to google images

OMG! I found this on google! and that's how big her hair is! She styles it like the way Paris Hilton does, the side ponytail with a big headband. The girl in the picture is just like the girl I see on the bus every Sunday, the hair, and only just imagine this girl with hot pink blush on and super pale lipstick. Plus her cleavage =)) omgosh! I'm not being mean but I hate how people overdress and thinks their fashion is cute.. I'm no fashionista but at least I know how to dress appropriately.

Ok there's that. Another "interesting" thing on a public transpo is when you understand conversations only wishing after the fact that you didn't hear or understood everything.

The story: I hopped on the bus, I saw an empty spot in front of the Pinoy couple ( I think they're maybe in their mid 30's) so I took it. They obviously saw me, coz people look at other people who hops in anyways. When I'm on the bus, I usually text people or just staring blankly outside the window. I dunno what happened but out of nowhere I snapped back in "reality" and pssh I snapped back in the wrong time. The conversation between the kuya and the ate?

Kuya: meron ka pa ba?
Ate: wala na kahapon pa
Kuya: ayos!
Ate: *laughing flirtatiously*
Kuya: mimaya ha?sabik na ako e.

I don't really care if they're horny, but at least you know, conversations like that?in public? I know I am prolly 65% of the time is mistakenly taken not as a Filipino but they should've at least considered people around them that maybe someone will understand their horny conversation. Doesn't mean you speak tagalog in public, people around you will automatically not understand what the heck you're talking about.

HATE - I hate it when some are just inconsiderate! There are people (yeah both guys and girls) who don't give their seats to the elderly. Come on! I know we get tired also and just wanted to sit down even if it's only a short ride, but these older people have weaker bones and they can't balance themselves well. And humans who let their frigging backpacks sit! I won't complain if they paid $2.75 for that spot, but no! they didn't and instead of giving that seat to someone, they let their dirty backpacks sit on it or let their leg rest on it.

How about you guys?Any interesting events while on a public transpo?or just out in public?

First part's done.

My first grade nail art! haha

Ok, before the story, I think it's cute how I was originally planning on painting bear paws on each of my fingernails for Mara then at the same time, Mara was thinking of doing stripes because she knows I'm in love with zebra prints! Check out Mara's blog and you'll see how pro her nail art is. I'm just envious with her talent!

Yes. Mine is first grade nail art! haha I'll still give my effort an A.

I got really really excited that I didn't clean the around my fingernails after, I just took the camera and took shots. =))

Practice makes perfect and next time I'll perfect it! haha I only wishes!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww. Advice: Let the brush do the work for you when doing lines. Get enough polish on it an push it til it flicks. At least that's what I try to do. And watch vids! It really helps :)

I give you an A for effort AND an A for being so adorable! I LOVE YOUUUU

Em said...

yes! I am def enjoying the blog links you sent me and I'll be watching nail tuts too from now on :D


Jenina Java said...

i love the transpo part of your blog. you really made me laugh. what's another interesting part in observing people in PUV? those people who're sleeping! I've seen a lot of people falling and waking up surprised. the worst part? they are drooling! i know, eww. so, good luck on your next encounter with people like that. ♥