I usually have a title post first before I even hit a letter to start off my entry, today is different, my title post is blank.. *sigh*

Lemme take you back what happened last Friday, 6th August:

I had lunch with my friend Sera at the Cactus club then she drove me back to my apartment, brushed my teeth, blotted and face and stuffed my work bag coz I obviously had to work that day. I, most of the times is scheduled to work at night especially when I get the weekend off. Last Friday, I got off earlier (8:30 p.m) than my usual and I am considering that LUCKY. Why?just read on and you'll find out.

After I got home, I changed into my most comfy clothes evuur -- jammies! Turned my laptop on and I was awake until about 1 in the morning yt-ing. I had no idea at all whatsoever on what was happening outside coz it sounded normal, I mean this neighbourhood is pretty quiet, it's "peaceful" or at least that's what I thought of until I woke up the next day.


After I was all set, I went out of my apartment building to head to the bus stop (I'll provide a map so you guys can visualize).

the B is my apartment building and the golden-brownish colour (muun! why did I choose a colour I can't even name?! lol!) is the bus stop. Well, in actual they are not really that close to each other, with me as a reference walking from my building to the bus stop?1 minute, I timed myself lol! but with my sister, it's only 30 secs =)). Yeah the map is just for visual anyways for my story. So yeah I was out of my building, then I noticed they barricaded from where the bus stop is up around the whole mini-"mall" (the colourful dots are the establishments: pizza hut, subway, Korean "restaurant", kwik kuts, chiropractor clinic, pharmacy/medical clinic and a convenience store). I thought it was because of the construction but I was wondering about the police cars then they were interviewing people in the streets, I shrugged it off and headed to the other bus stop which will take me to the mall eventually. At that moment, I already had a gut feeling something went wrong the night before but I don't really wanna entertain the thought and the bus came finally! The bus had to detour coz like I said earlier parts of the street were barricaded. We turned around and had a lil extra tour and stopped again (the white mark) to pick up other bus riders and that's when I had a good look on what was happening or what happened to that barricaded area, there were more police cars and three different news vans parked on the sides and see the bright red mark on the map? There was a drag mark and looked like dried blood to me and that instant I knew my instincts were right. They taped the whole area not because of construction but because something horrible happened on Friday night. SOMEONE GOT MURDERED!! I was only at the mall for an hour and a half and when I got home police were still interviewing people.

I was scared really shit scared! This area is a calm, peaceful and safe neighbourhood and we should feel safe! Why did I say in the beginning I was lucky?coz munn if I was scheduled to work much later that night, I could've seen the whole murder, he could've gone after me. I can prolly handle a knife and fight the bastard but what if he had a gun? The murder was the headline of the news this evening too, I was doing my nails, I had the TV on and there, the murder story. The bastard stabbed the victim to his death. Based on what I understood from the story, the argument they had was over a drink. A DRINK. People kill over stoopid things! And the worse part?The bastard is still at large, I hope he gets apprehended and pay for what he'd done!

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Anonymous said...

Awww doll :| Glad you're safe. Hope the murderer trips, falls over and dies ._.

Em said...

I know, I feel really luck to not have seen everything and safe. Yeah. I hope that bastard get caught by the police and get beaten up! arrgh!