New New? pwuahaha just due to the lack of artistry today. ;) Well, it's related to my entire entry anyways so it's not really a fail. :D

NEW #1:

I have a new layout!!! haha as most of you probably noticed it already. I originally created my own on Artisteer but it's too much work so I google-d for free templates and tadah! new layout it is! It's still a bit messed up but I'm lazy to fix everything at this moment. You are possibly wondering about the little kid on the header? I think it's me (lulz) and I refuse to grow up =) Srsly, that animated kid reminded me of who I was back when my mammary glands were still flat as a road, the DORA bangs! Did you girls also had Dora hair back then? Back in the days when our freedom of speech to say NO to our moms even when have those crocodile tears just isn't accepted and working? oh wells to those who missed my previous template here it is.

I've also changed my header from myfingersrtyping to Emmaleigh (yes the monicker that my doll Mara had "baptized" me with) to give name to that kid on the header. =) A kid eh?And I'll contradict that "kidness" in the next few days with my for mature only posts. Oh wells, my blog needed a bad make over anyways so no fuss.

NEW #2:

I have new nails!! wootaah!! And I think I'm getting better with my nail art :D Once my stripes are puurrfected I'll move on to new designs.

left hand

Right hand

So that's it for this post. I think I'm gonna go to bed now. ;)

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