I decided I'll put all my summer vacation in different parts.

1. I don't want my single entry to be loaded with ten thousand pictures. Personally, when reading a blog, I don't really appreciate an entry with frigging thousands of pictures in it. Even with high speed internet, some of the pics will still take forever to load.
2. I want it more organized. All the randomness in one part and the places in other parts.

So let's just start from the beginning.

My parents and sister drove from Manitoba to Alberta (12-14 hours I think or maybe even 16 hours max with the stops). The original plan was them to be here by Saturday afternoon but because of some happenings the past week, we had to adjust and try to fit our time offs in 5 days, so they were here Friday evening. You know what? 5 days is effing short but it was all worth it, I spent it with my family so I ain't complaining.

Ok. I COOKED!!!! haha and I'll provide pictures ;)
I bought a whole chicken! lol! that's new haha

and obviously, I did the chopping myself even the garlic and onion.

boiling the chicken to cook

added that long green veggie called upo and malunggay plus the chicken cube boiled it some more and it was done.

MY TINOLA WAS A SUCCESS! I honestly thought that cooking real food was complicated =)) my tinola proved me wrong. pwuahaha It's really effing simple! haha I had to cook another food coz my sister is a vegetarian and no pictures for that coz I forgot haha I got excited more with the chicken ;).  That was it for dinner last Friday. The next day, I cooked for my family again.

Fried rice

grilled beef

My sister ate her fish and shrimp from last night for her breakfast.

After breakfast, washing of the dishes and baths, we then headed to Banff which is 6 hours away from here. Where is here?ahmm somewhere here =))

The pictures from our Banff and Calgary trip will be blogged tomorrow. Maybe. If I get the time. I'm really busy this week and I am expecting some friends over tomorrow night, so major major cleaning. ;)

And before I end this first part of my summer vacay, I want for everyone to know that I moved on. I moved on from Nokia to BlackBerry. I've been a Nokia user since I was 14 so I know Nokia phones inside out haha and since they don't really make Nokia phones available here, I decided to just switch to BB. I was planning on getting the new BB torch but it's not yet available in Canada, not until fall or maybe in December (for Rogers), hence, BB bold it is.

I am getting used to BB now haha

ZEBRA PRINTS for the skin.

Last randomness for this entry.

We went to the bottle depot the other day for our bottles and guess how much our 5 black garbage bags of recyclable bottles cost?


See, it pays to be earth friendly. ;)

2 statements:

Mimi said...

the grilled beef looks delicious! my sister is a vegetarian too. haha.

<3, Mimi

Emmaleigh said...

haha I think we should all be vegetarians lol! but sadly, I can't give up chicken ;(