Before "meeting" our "baby" I just wanna take ya'll back in time on how it all began.

*fairytale, glittery environment, glass slippers, butterflies moment*

credits to google images

Once upon a time in the kingdom called the world wide web was a little castle built named Team Carnival. The castle's purpose is to unite people in the kingdom by participating every week thru blogging into their royal weekly call for postings. Princess Emmaleigh didn't really know anyone or not friends with any of the Princesses in the castle when she was first invited in.

It did not took long before Princess Emmaleigh met one of the magnificent royal blogger in the castle, Princess Mara, and the royal friendship between the two princesses was born.


I love the fairytale beginning, felt like I was really in a castle wearing a pink gown and a tiara. :D

Everyone,here's our "baby"

Team EmMarah

Both Mara and I wanted to make a difference starting with ourselves then be an inspiration if not to all, at least to most people.

Our main focus right now is to LOSE WEIGHT! If ordinary regular student like us who lives on a tight budget can do it, then sure as heck, everyone can! So please do support us. If you notice also on our header are all the things you wanted/needed to know: FAQ, DISCLAIMER/DISCLOSURE POLICY, CONTACT US and our individual profiles and if there's anything that we missed and/or any suggestions from you guys, feel free to let us know. We also have a twitter: teamemmarah and you can like our facebook page as well, just search Team EmMarah and watch out for our upcoming contests as well. ;)

Thank you for all your time and see ya around.

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Mara said...


YULI said...

wooooow! my friends own a bunny to. im actually a godmother of a rabbit :)

Mimi said...

hi em! i checked out the links you gave me, and i gotta say that they do kinda resemble each other, especially in those pictures. haha. ;)

<3, Mimi