Hi everyone! haha I'm back! lol! Wells, as most of you know I've been sick the past few days plus I had to work 5 days straight but I ain't complaining, I got the weekend off again. woot woot partey!!

The story of my Saturday..

I set the alarm off for 7, eat breakfast, take a quick shower and catch the bus at 9:30 (to go to the dojo) chiyeaah me waking up at 7 didn't happen! I have no problems waking up early, I'm the type of person that once woken up, it's hard for me to go back to lalaland. I think I'm still recovering and my body is just too tired that I had to sleep in. Yeah I missed the dojo today, sweating is the only I-am-supposed-to-do-this-today that didn't jell out but the rest of my Saturday plans did occur.

While having breakfast, I went on messenger and chat with Mara for a bit, gaah! It's been so long since we last had a chat conversation and I did really missed it. You know, we just talked about randomness, ok wait I lied haha it's mostly stuff not for blogging oh ok maybe just some of it.. You'll know the "some of it" eventually -- SOON! :D We didn't chat for long tho coz I had to take a bath and head to the Asian store which is inside the humongous mall and for some odd reasons, I've been craving for a RED lipstick, not to eat it silly, to sport it and thus the title.

Before doing my grocery shopping, I went sunglasses hopping first, since in my head I wanted a RED lipstick, a badass pair of sunglasses will give my RED lipstick THE attitude! No luck! I didn't find one that I really like so I just went to London Drugs instead and do my drugstore haul. The back of my hand were a mess from the swatches, comparing all the reds side by side. After blah blah minutes, I decided to buy the Rich Ruby shade from Prestige.

Sorry about the quality of the picture, I used my camfone for this one.

This is the first ever lipstick I bought! haha Well, I have lipglosses but not a real lipstick, and yes, my first lipstick purchase is RED and it is FIERCE!! grrr!

It is flipping humid today but that didn't stop me from camwhoring =)) and omgosh I was sweating like a man! haha and to give emphasis on the fierceness of my RED lipstick, here's some pics.

yeah, I have a zit =))

I just used an old sunglasses I found in my mess :p and don't LOL at my zit owkeey?! or I'll elbow you.. kidd!

Yeah, I kinda wish I know what eyeshadow/s will go okay with a RED lipstick. SOS?

RED lipstick, check! Another cravings I've been drooling on are nail polishes! Mara got me into it (bad her I know haha jk! I love Mara :D) After I got the RED lipstick, I just had to walk a few baby steps towards the nail section. I found really good colours but I wanna stick to my zebra prints so I only got a top coat, a white nail polish and a black nail art pen.

For the nail polishes, I didn't go for the expensive ones (the NYC are on for $1.29 ea) just to give it a try if I'm gonna be a nail art person or still be the person who keeps it clean, short and bare. I was also considering my choice of sport which is kickboxing and I don't wanna have the "oh, I don't wanna ruin my fingernails/toenails" excuse whenever I have to punch/kick a bag. I will TRY my zebra prints tomorrow (again) after the fail attempt this afternoon.

Nail polishes and nail art pen, check! So the other day, I went to Shoppers just to see what they have on sale for the week, and was ecstatic when I saw the sale display, they have the Harajuku on special!! The 40ml is on for $19.95 (was $42 something).

My lil summer harajuku now has a mommy! haha

That's about it peeps! haha I never thought, I'd finish this entry. It's 12:26a.m now and people still texting me and calling me =)) well the bf called me and so did my sister =)) I'm so loved :D

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Yeah, surprisingly, leopard nails are WAY easier than zebra stripes! Hope you have better luck! LOVE YA!

aizel camille said...

red lipstick suits you.. =) I like it.

Mimi said...

i just bought a red lipstick too!!! :D

<3, Mimi


Girl red suits you! The first thing I noticed is that you have nice shapely lips*envious* haha. And your shades rock the look! I think you're one of the few who can pull off red without looking slutty! Haha coz in my case I look like one everytime I wear it. I'm half expecting some random guy asking me "How much?" haha:-)