PART THREE is our Calgary trip. I conquered my fear of heights again when we went up 191 meter (626 feet) standing observation tower in downtown Calgary, the Calgary tower (originally known as the Husky Tower; source).

That's the Calgary tower I believe.

I forgot to take pictures while waiting for the elevator that will take us up to the tower and the elevator is really crowded to even take pictures inside (there's info on the sides of the elevator and the other towers outside Canada).

I'm taking you now up the tower ;) [click the pictures for larger view]

Did you know?

Altitude sickness you feel yet? :p

The whole area was carpeted and there's only a small area, that instead of carpet you walk on glass floor so you can view  downtown. The bf dared me to step on the glass floor and have my picture taken, I tried but I couldn't! I wasn't even having butterflies in my tummy, it felt like my stomach, my small and large intestines were in panic and rearranging themselves inside and my heart was suddenly up in my throat. Ahm, please don't laugh, I wasn't even kidding ;(. It's a glass flooring so whenever I tried to step in and look down or even step on it for 2 seconds, I feel sick like I'm gonna throw up and pass out at the same time sick. I can't help but think of morbid things like the glass breaking and me falling down and boom! I'm dead. I was just on the edge and clicking the shutter hysterically and mom, dad and my sister were the ones whose been taking pictures and videotaping the tower (credits to them).

here's more

manngg! This is seriously one of the posts I would never ever try to read again out of boredom. I feel really sick like my heart is up in my throat again from looking at the pictures and seeing in my head the glass flooring. Even if I didn't had my picture taken standing on the glass flooring, I still succeeded in somehow defeating my fear of heights just by having the balls to be up there.

Just in case you're wondering what's still up in the tower, ahm, there's a souvenir shop and there's a revolving restaurant that goes on a full rotation at noon, I believe.

We have other destinations saved in our GPS, and one of them is a Filipino restaurant named Aling Rosing and we planned on eating our late lunch there. Our GPS took us to a dead end! Good thing we drove by the Pacific Palace 

and decided to find a place to eat in there and to our delight, there wasn't just one but THREE Filipino fast food stalls! I wasn't really hungry for any pinoy food but when I saw the TURON (banana fritter) sign, my sister and I had to buy them. They were really yummy so we decided to buy more.

I am Filipino food deprived! I only get to eat "real" food like honest to goodness home cooked meals whenever my parents are in town or when I go on vacation at my parents.

my sister had that halo-halo

/end part three

Since I have all the pictures ready for this entry, might as well try to put everything up together for this part three post.

I'm not really a fan of flowers, but when I see a well maintained garden in the neighbourhood, I both envy and admire them at the same time for having such an admirable passion. The pictures I'm gonna show you next are the ones I took from a Banff park (I'm so sorry I forgot what it's called or maybe I wasn't really paying attention when we got there).

It's a park, it's a tourist destination so it's well expected that the park is presentable, still, kudos! to the caretakers of the park.

[click pictures for larger view]

aww at the fly ;)

the fly flew away :(

Sorry for not being able to put captions under each picture as I don't know what they are called, honestly. The pink ones I think are dandelions?

Hope you enjoyed this entry as well ;)
  • Do you have fear of heights? If given a chance would you want to be 626 ft up then look down thru a glass flooring?
  • Do you like flowers as well?Do you know what you call the flowers I just posted up?If you do, would you please let me know?Thanks!
I think this is a long entry and if you made it until here, HIGH FIVE! and HUGSHUGS!

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Anonymous said...

Hah, I ate your blog posts up. Is that all you got? :)) J/k. Love ya doll!

Mimi said...

i love flowers and i am scared of heights too! haha. ;)

<3, Mimi

Emmaleigh said...

@ Mara: haha I have more!! lol! ILOVEYOU MORE!!

@ Mimi: flowers are relaxing to see aren't they?! :D

aizel camille said...

love the flowers too.. your pictures can be a desktop wallpaper.. =D

i'm craving for turon tuloy.. haha!

Emmaleigh said...

@ Aizel: thanks for appreciating :D well at least for turon, they sell them everywhere back home haha you can buy some anytime you want some :p

Traveliztera said...

The foods made me hungry!!! The noodles look great!!!

Btw, that wallet is totally adorable! I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty but that is really C-U-T-E! =D