There goes my baby you don't know how good it feels to call you my boy, there goes my baby loving everything you do, oh boy look at you. Wouldn't trade this feeling for nothing not even for a minute, and I'll sit here long as it takes to get you all alone. Baby, loving you feels better than everything, anything put on your heart I don't need a ring and I promise you our time away won't change my love.

LOL! Did you actually read the first part? soooo cheesy =)) Well, those aren't my exact words anyways, 'twas Usher's from There Goes My Baby.

It was cheesy owright but it's Usher, so it's not just cheesy (in this is case, cheesy is ROMANTIC!!) but it's also a mass of smexxiness! (somebody throw cold water on me please?like right now?!haha jk!) I'm really not gonna blog about Usher lol! I just felt like I wanna share, yes SHARE! (that means I'm not selfish lol!) Usher's oohlalaalaa libidinous voice and body.


haha I just wanted to talk about HAIR actually. My hair has only been either long (about touching my bra line, yes that's the longest it's been since I don't know) with side swept bangs or short (about touching my clavicle) with side swept bangs. I know. Bangs. I am not ready to let go of my bangs yet, I'm conscious about my whole face, my forehead particularly coz it's HUUUGEE! I'm bored with my bangs to be honest, I'm bored with (since I have natural curly hair) either long or short or leave it curly or straighten it. I dunno what to do with my hair! lol!


credits to google images

There's so much to do with your hair long BUT not unless you're Tyra Banks, keeping it straight everyday is BOOring.. YOU need to make big curls before it screams ATTITUDE! (idk, maybe its the pictorials that's why I wanted something fierce for myself).


Maja is my lezbo crush :D While I was on vacay, I happened to see her on her soap and Maja's hair suits her (tongue twisted?;p) like omgosh! She's so pretty and that instant, I wanted to go to Dimples and have them chop my hair off. Good thing I remembered I have curly hair (or pancit canton hair as my sister would call it) and having the same as length as Maja will make me look ridic! on days that I don't have the extra time to straighten it.

Long hair - requires more time, extra time to blow dry it and iron it straight. Hassle most esp on school days that I have to spend an extra hour just for my hair! Now that it's medium length, it will only take me half an hour to do everything with my hair.

Short hair - more feminine. The short cut itself is already a statement. Since it'll be shorter, I won't need the extra hour for my hair vanity that means even on a rushed morning, I'll prolly have the time to still iron it straight!

blah whatever.. you don't have to worry about my dilemma.

Let's just go back to Usher shall we?


anyways, here's a cover of misscarolinexoxo's There goes my baby..

She's so amazing! The only problem with her is she's lacking emotions. She's awesome even so.

3 statements:

Mara said...

I either leave it down, have it in a pontail or do a bun with loose strands framing my face. Try the last one and show me! :3

Em said...

bun with loose strands?! haha howkey howkey I'll do that.. I think?! haha


Your post was sweet and funny. Made me laugh and smile. You're lucky to be with a man who adores you even during bitchfest. Btw, your post is definitely no Chuck E. Cheese to those who are in love:-)