So I just decided to blog and update everyone with my vacation since I got extended til Friday, YAY! So might as well. I'll be busy after I get back anyways and I don't wanna be trapped with entries I wanna blog.


Plane landed then I went downstairs to meet my parents and get my suitcases then told them I was starving, so soon after we paid the parking fee we hit the road. At the back of my mind I was celebrating coz finally I'll have something to eat and this is the part where I'll take you back why I was really hungry. Since I couldn't sleep, I just decided to get up and double check my luggages making sure I didn't forget any, was gonna eat something but was not really hungry since it's just been 4 hours after the bf and I ate spaghetti, chicken and cake for his birthday :D I took a bath, dried my hair, ironed straight my hair, make up then we left the apartment at 3:45 a.m but before we hit the road we stopped by the rental office so I could drop off my cheque for July's rent. The airport is only half an hour to 45 minutes from my apartment so I thought we'd prolly be there at 4:30 and will have enuf time to eat something before the boarding time. I WAS WRONG!! We got lost and the bf couldn't get his GPS working, it was raining heavy, I don't have my contact lens on and I didn't wanna wear my glasses coz I get dizzy so it's hard for both of us to read the road signs so we got to the airport at 5:30. We kissed and hugged each other goodbye (yeah, coz of his skool schedule, there's no way P's coming). I checked my suitcases in and picked my seat and thank God there's still decent seats left for me to choose from. I was asleep or was trying to sleep the whole plane ride, dunno if I've told everyone about it but it's my first time to travel ALONE and it's a big deal for me coz I have motion sickness/ airsickness and I am acrophobic. The past flights I've had, I am always with someone or with my sister just in case whatever happens and if it's gonna be a long drive it's either I'm asleep or I don't talk or I don't move so I don't get dizzy or worse, throw up :D I am not a fun traveller companion :D No worries, I didn't throw up during this flight, I got dizzy a bit when we're about to land but that's about it so I guess I'm becoming a better traveller now?lol! It's becoming a long ass story now so let's just get to the whole point.

Yay! I thought finally we'll be eating! I WAS WRONG AGAIN!! I think my parents forgot that their daughter is really starving and yet they decided to stop by DIMPLES so we could get our hair done sure. blah blah blah my mom paid them then I begged them that we stop somewhere to EAT! Good thing there's a restaurant, a pinoy restaurant 2 blocks away from Dimples that opens early so we went there, the ambience is ahm I don't even know how to describe it, it's not filthy but out of 5 stars i'd give it a two. And these are all we had.



We ordered way too many for 3 people =)) We actually had no idea that their servings are that much so we had the Palabok wrapped. Food's ok I guess, nothing really spectacular about it.

We spent the night over at my folks' friend's house, the next day after church we drove home to


I was really excited to be HOME to see and spend time with mom and dad of course and my sister who's here and will be here for the whole summer, I am excited to see my friends and just to see the house. We got home around lunch? My sister doesn't cook, she doesn't know how lol! Our lunch was the leftover palabok and BBQ from the night before at their friend's house, if it weren't for the leftover and the pabalot I dunno what we're gonna eat for lunch that day.

6 plates = there's 4 of us + our 2 friends

Deyng! Everyone knew about me coming home! haha

This is part one already, part two will be the Canada day celebration and part three is just the happenings around here for the summer.

I love the new camera mom and dad bought for me and my sister, the images are detailed and sharp.

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