Wow! I honestly can't contain my excitement right now. :D hmm, I don't wanna spill too much info coz as much as possible I wanna keep it as a secret, we wanna keep it as a secret until it's time for us to share it to everyone. :D I'm just gonna let you guys keep on guessing. :D

I'm not gonna end this post without leaving you guys a clue, at least A clue.


credits to google images

There you go :D

No. I'm not gonna spill who's "we" coz it'll be too obvious. haha

gaaahhh! I'm too excited.

Ok, gotta go now before I jinx this. haha

9 statements:

Mimi said...

em, are you going to a lady gaga concert?! if yes, wow, you're so lucky! :D

<3, Mimi

Traveliztera said...

Wow! I'm excited for you cos the suspense is killing me regarding what this post is all about! Lol! I love surprises! And seeing Lady Gaga here is intriguing! Hmmmm... Are you guys gonna go see Lady Gaga in a concert or something like are u gonna meet up with her and then you're gonna cover her for a blog post? hahaha!

Jag said...

ur going to lady gaga's concert right?

Emmaleigh said...

@ Mimi: no, I'm not going to a Lady Gaga concert :D I wish tho hehe

@ Steph: It will be a dream come true if I meet Lady Gaga one day haha

@ Jag: no. not going to Lady Gaga's concert :D

AdroidEnteng said...

you gonna meet lady gaga? naks! ^_^

Emmaleigh said...

@ Enteng: haha I wish I wish

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

you going to sing a Lady Gaga's hit?

glentot said...

It's my first time here so I can't really guess correctly. Are you planning a dance number????

Emmaleigh said...