Ok, so there's this TEN THINGS YOU'LL HATE ABOUT ME tag game going on around blogger



I'm uber bored,

me will do it.

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Well let's see how much of myself I'll spill on this one haha


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I honestly take forever to get ready. No. I AM NOT OVERSTATING it. No.EXAGGERATION. Aren't girls supposed to take forever to get ready? gaah, I prolly spend 45 mins in the shower, 1 hour to blow dry my hair, iron straight it (well, uhm I have natural curls + the thickness of my hair so..), half hour to dress, 10 mins to do my everyday look (foundation, bronzer and mascara). So if we're living together I'll drive you nuts with the amount of time you have to wait. I drive my parents crazy (or used to at least, before I moved out) & now it's the bf who I drive crazy, so before he comes to pick me up he always have to make sure that I'm all set already or if he comes and I'm not even halfway done, he goes ballistic. =)). hmm maybe one of you guys will be my roommie one of these days, hmm, just heads up for everyone. :D


That used to be my room from our old house. ha! I was gonna take a pic of my current room, as of this moment tho and for the past 3 days, my room is organized and that is a WORLD RECORD!! Why?Well, I can only keep my room organized for 24 hours. :p I dunno, I feel more productive if my room is a mess haha oh wait, even though my room is as chaotic as a jungle, my living room, kitchen, dining and the bathroomm are all squeaky clean! My parents always tell me this "ano ba naman 'to kwarto mo parang gubat! hinde na kame magugulat kung minsan diyan na mag meeting sila Tarzan." They also threatened to throw my stuff away if I don't keep it organized, my bf gave up in keeping my room in order and my parents now just don't care anymore. When they were here last month, they didn't even say anything no more, they knew what to expect. =)) You prolly can't stand the chaos so you'll hate me for that.


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I am competitive. Maybe the reasons why I'm competitive are: I'm a woman and I'm only 5' 1/4". I hate it when some people are silently discriminating me because I'm a woman like I can't do anything except cook & clean the house and when the hubby gets home be ready for sex. Hells, I may do things differently like if some people can lift an 11 litre water with one hand and I lift it with both hands, durrr, at least I get things done. You guys get the gist right? That's why I do kickboxing, for physical strength mainly (and I prefer a guy for a sparring partner), so if I ever meet a sexist like the one I used to work with (FYI, he's mofabugly for someone who thinks he's all that), I won't just curse at him behind his back, but yell at his face and crush his balls. :D I am competitive/ always having a debate with someone, if I know I have strong points, I let people know and don't worry, I know when to shut up and that's when I don't know a thing. =) You'll either hate my competitiveness if you're a sexist and can't accept the fact that you and I can both be equally capable or can't deal with the reality that there's a possibility you'll get pwned.

07. BI.TCH

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I'm on bi.tch fest half the time. Either it's PMS or I just can't stand the fuckery around and I have to do something about it. I can't stand stupidity either. We all have our dumdum moments, some people seriously tho are making it as a habit and thinks it's cute to act dumb all the time. Well, if I happened to be a beeyootcchh to you, do yourself a favor and don't be mad at me owwkay? coz maybe you deserved being called out on. :D haha reminds me of some people who harass me on PM's pssh


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Well, girls could be bi.tches sometimes and that's part of our "womanity" and so is being sensitive and emotional even if that means crying over a sad movie. When I used to live with my parents, I always watch MMK on TFC and my mom & I will both frigging cry from beginning 'til the end. Movies, yes, there are some movies I had to watch over again coz I didn't understand the first time I did from too much sobbing. haha I don't think you'll hate me for this, you'll prolly end up like my sister, my dad and my bf, you'll laugh and tease me for being a crybaby.


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hmm I'm shallow. I laugh at the pettiest things. I laugh if I hear/see someone sneeze, I laugh at myself when I sneeze. I ROFL when I've seen for the first time the jumping jacks fail

up to this moment, I still ROFL at this. 
If you wanna die laughing check out failblog on youtube

I'm just shallow. Please don't hate me for being shallow? ;))


I suck at harmonizing. I'm always the one who's always out of tune. blaah, I haven't been singing for a while now that I don't know how to anymore haha well this video was taken years ago and is one of my fav's. My bestfriend and I have lotsa singing videos together but I won't share those for everyone to see. Why?She'll kill me if I do haha

ya know why we stopped?I was going out of tune so wifey(yep we call each other wifey) got confused.

If we're singing together, you'll hate me for being out of tune all the time =))

03. SNOB
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I'm not a snob. I don't have a perfect 20/20 vision and I wear my contacts depending on the weather and if I were to wear my glasses for a day I take them off frequently coz I get dizzy if I wear them for too long. You'll prolly think I'm a snob if you're trying to wave at me from 5 feet away and I'm not paying attention to you. No. I'm not a snob. I just don't see you clearly for me to wave back.


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The inability to understand other people's feelings. Mankind is judgmental by nature and I admit I am judgmental at times. Sometimes, I give out comments without thinking first if that will hurt a person. *sigh* most times tho I'm just snapping out because of their stupidity, it's still not an excuse I know, I really should consider being nice sometimes.


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I have big dreams for myself and my future and I have bigger dreams for other people like help them, do some charity works etc . Why you'll hate me?Because there's so many things I wanna do at once, I mess it up sometimes. I forget what things I should prioritize and things that can actually wait.

There's my list!

I'm tagging everyone who wanna do it.

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devil_under_light said...

jumping contest tayo love. competitive ka nman eh.. 3:)

Emmaleigh said...

haha jumping contest?! lol! I'm taking back what I said about me being competitive wahaha

devil_under_light said...

and then we'll pact a curse that whoever loses will lose 12 inches in height. ha ha

Emmaleigh said...


Traveliztera said...

u totally have a great voice ;D

there's this thing about me lookin like a snob too and like you, it's because of my vision =\ i don't like wearing contacts and i rarely use my glasses so yeah.

Emmaleigh said...

thanks! :D

YOU HATE WEARING CONTACTS?! well, really can't blame you, my eyes are uncomfy sometimes with contacts.

Mimi said...

this is such a fun read! :D

p.s. i wonder why my posts aren't showing up on your dashboard... yours weren't showing up on mine either... hmmmm. :/

oh, and i still have to see the first episode of hellcats! haha, i'm really taking the time to do that tomorrow. ;)

<3, Mimi

Emmaleigh said...

@ Mimi: blogger is boycotting us haha and thanks for appreciating.

Hellcats is a good one! I am crushing on that black dude on the squad.