Who you gonna root? The THUGS or the JEJEMONS?






Anyways, someone sent this pictures to me for the lulz and I thought I'll share it with you guys ;)


[click the images for larger lulz]

Thugs are still on the friendster era? haha I thought FRIENDSTER's done?over? FACEBOOK PWNED them! haha hmm I don't think I want to "met" a thug and what?Listen to rhythm "in" blues all day? NO.THANK.YOU.! I'll just head bang to rock "end" roll.


Sadly, jejemons are slowly invading twitter too! And for sure they'll be using ubertwitter so they can adhshahssdd unnecessaryhhszzz letterRRsszzz to theiRsshzzz tweEtsTTssss! And no, I don't wanna follow "add" you. 



School started for me today and I'm still in school at the library waiting for my friends so we can pick up some books later.

Oh, I was late for school today haha it was a mad dash this morning! pfft I will sleep earlier tonight. It's a promise.

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Hotcakes said...

wait ano ung thugs??? and buhay pa ba ang jejemon???? kala ko tetemon na? haha mga nag lalagay ng teh sa huli

devil_under_light said...

efal 2ng mga jejemon na to love. bat di nalang sila mag-stay sa friendster?? HAYYYY kaka high blood.. ha ha

Mimi said...

oh my gosh, i used to have a friendster account. but then i don't even go to that anymore because of myspace. and then now i don't go to that anymore either because of facebook. haha, i hope facebook stays. ;)

hope you had a great first day! :D

<3, Mimi

Emmaleigh said...

@ hotcakes: based from what I understood, thugs are like gangsters. They are members of some so called brotherhood.

@ Aris: baket nga ba hinde?haha well someday, they will all vanish! poof!

@ Mimi: yes! I do hope facebook stays. I had a fun day at skool today ;) I wasn't stressed or anything haha

Jag said...

lol to GIFTED pic.

Emmaleigh said...

@ Jag: gotta love people who always find pics for the lulz.

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

hahaha.. jag is right. very gifted. lolz

was here beh :-)

Traveliztera said...

ooohhh yeah in fairness to the jejemons, they know xoxoeeez. oops, did i just add "oeeez" ? haha!

aizel camille said...

they're giving me headache.. haha..

goyo said...

hahaha.. ayoko din sa mga jejemons.. hehehehe...

matagal na akong follower dito.. nasa blogroll na din kita.. friends? :)

bago pala photo mo sa profile mo.. cute.. :)

Emmaleigh said...

@ Traveliztera: haha you becoming a ooeezzmon now?=))

@ Aizel: correct! major major headache!

@ goyo: haha yep friends! and thanks!