Officially a year older! :D and yesterday will all be a part of my history, a day in the life that one day I will remember with a smile on my face. ☺☺

 Yes. A year older today and I should be wiser.

SIXTEEN. Sixteen years old. No. I'm not 16 (I only wish! pfft!) but most people (that doesn't have any idea that I'm a University student) think I am 16, 16-18 years old they would guess when asked. Hells, if people compliment you for looking young for your age (not coz you're small), yep, that's a good thing haha

BIRTHDAY POST this is gonna be :D


THANK YOU for all the birthday greetings I got from my fb friends, on twitter, here on blogger, for all the text messages, the voice mails, birthday cards I got from my mailbox -- THANK YOU! It's been a hard week for me and most of you know why and getting messages from family and friends on how much I am loved is just above and beyond so once again, THANK YOU!

owwkay, I have to STOP before we get all emotional here. pwuahaha


Let's go back Friday and let's just fast forward to the highlights or it'll be really boring and loooooonggg if I'm gonna start with "ahm, okay so I have school and then..." hmmkay?

I haven't done any grocery shopping yet coz I didn't had the time all week so all I have in my pantry are granola bars and quacker thins and some yogurt and milk and some greens, an apple and a grapefruit in the fridge. Then, the bf showed up surprisingly and I don't have any "real" food to feed him so I called Kobe Japanese restaurant for pick up and this is what we ordered.

Spicy Salmon Roll
[this instantly became my favourite]

Beef Tataki

Chicken Teriyaki Don Buri

Beef Don Buri

We didn't finish everything. I didn't even touch my chicken so all the leftovers were breakfast this morning. Later that night the bf drove me to work and this girl I work with came up to me and gave me a chocolate, and she's like "I went to our Russian market and found these chocolates and I thought of you, I think you're really adorable and sweet and you're so nice to me so here's for you". I don't know what happened but my chocolate mysteriously disappeared from my counter! I had my water bottle, my pen, the line up for that night and everyone's schedule on my counter coz I was skimming through it, turned my back for 2 seconds then it was gone! Seriously! I know I've been trying to cut back on my sweets but since it was given to me, I'm not gonna throw it away. lol! I didn't tell her I "lost" the chocolate coz I don't want her to think I don't value things that was given to me, but before she left that night, one of the girls told her it's my birthday the next day, she gave me a hug and.....

gave me another one.
[munn, I wonder what the other chocolate tasted like :(]
[P.S to the chocolate "thief", that's extra calories for you lol!]



I checked my BB and was embraced with so much love when I saw all the notifications I got from fb and twitter and I have text messages, IM messages, I also got some birthday greetings recorded by friends and was sent to me then a couple of missed calls and voice mail messages, it was overwhelming! I got ready then by 11am (FINALLY! all the bf could utter after my "forever-ness" in getting ready) the bf and I got out of the apartment, went to the Asian store and bought groceries. Every birthdays I had, we don't go out to celebrate, I am honestly happy with home cooked spaghetti and chicken or hotdog on stick with a marshmallow on top. You want me to be the happiest person on my birthday?feed me spaghetti :D

I had a mini poll on twitter and with some close friends, "Spaghetti or Palabok for my birthday?" Palabok for those of you who don't know is just like spaghetti only with orange sauce and you don't use ground beef for palabok, you use shrimp, eggs and crushed pork rinds and you squeeze lemon on top and for that poll I had, Palabok won. It's ok that I didn't had spaghetti this year, I'm still the happiest person. :D


hotdogs on stick with marshmallows on top

We can't find any BBQ sticks at the store, good thing I remembered that we have chopsticks! Your home girl gotta be productive you know. :p 

I had to grill that for the carnivore. lulz
Why do men eat so much? =))

Then dessert came

"the cake land"

we picked three 

Strawberry mousse cake

American style cheescake

Peach mousse cake

 Naww. We didn't eat all of it haha we saved some for rainy days, we only ate this

the strawberry mousse cake

I didn't blew any candles, my wish tho? Good health for myself and my family. I know how cliché it sounded but that's all I wanted.

I didn't count my calorie intake today =)) I said I'm not gonna feel guilty since it's my birthday and I'm not gonna deprive myself, after the last burp, I felt sorry. :( After our rest, I told the bf if we could do some sparring and burn off some calories, he agreed.

and he didn't let me use my

hand wraps

I have long fingernails so doing a fist hurt my palms like a beeeeattch and my knuckles were red I thought it was gonna bleed.

It was a memorable birthday for me. I am happy and felt contented.

And before I end this post and hit the sack, I want you guys to say hi to my sleeping "buddies".


and Kirlean

I got the name Yukkiee from Super Junior's Eunhyuk. No. He doesn't look like a monkey, some people call him Eunhyukie so yeah, there's Yukkiee. I got Yukkiee after I moved out, I have lotsa stuffed toys at my parents' house, I just didn't get to bring one coz it won't fit in my luggage (I have a Timmy Turner, a spongebob, a humongous dog, a teddy bear, a doll stuffed toy and another teddy bear)

Yes. They are all at my parents' house.

As for Kirlean, it was a gift given to me by my friend before I left Ontario and I promised her that I'll bring Kirlean wherever I go. I kept the promise. Oh, Kirlean are from our names. :D

If you made it this far, *zebrahugs* for you (well, if you missed that post about zebra hugs, too bad :p)


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Traveliztera said...

Oh wowwwwwwwwww! Those are AWESOME!

(made me hungry too =P haha!)

Happy bday again! Yes, you look 16 and TO THAT CHOCOLATE THIEF, the calorie karma is after you. Lol!

I'm glad that your bday was memorable! :D I'm so glad we knew each other right before your bday! Haha!

Traveliztera said...

Btw!!! I got an award for you ! :D It's in my latest entry! Hugs!!! :D

Emmaleigh said...

@ Steph: thank you! I'll def check it out. :D and thank you! I love looking and maybe feeling young haha

Anonymous said...

Glad you had an awesome day, love :D

aizel camille said...

Happy happy birthday! =D I wish you all the best in life.. Stay nice and cute... =D

The pictures made me hungry!!! haha.. I want palabok!!! =D

Emmaleigh said...

@ Mara: Yes. I had an awesome day, doll :D

@ Aizel: Thank you! Wish I could send you some palabok hehe

AdroidEnteng said...

Belated happy birthday ate em...^_^

Ang dami mo namang handa...pwede pa take out yung iba...lol...:D

take care and God bless always! :D

Glenn Kun said...

belated emma. :D. ^__^.
the cakes seem so yummy.

Emmaleigh said...

@ Glenn: thanks! yes the cakes are yummy. :D