Sibling rivalry is inevitable. We all have our own stories to tell about our own share of sibling rivalry.

Today, in this entry, I am gonna share to everybody the story of my sister and I.

 I was the first born and my sister said hi to the world 4 years later.

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As a kid, I really didn't know what having a sibling really meant. I am pretty sure in the photo above, I didn't jump up and down and asked my parents to take a picture of me and that baby that they say is my sister. I was clueless about life, I was clueless about everything, I was clueless about sibling rivalry. Maybe sibling rivalry or pointless jealousy started when my sister was born.

The attention was all mine

I was everyone's princess, I was everyone's baby, at home, I didn't have to share my toys with anyone, then my sister came and I had to share everything I have to her.

According to a child psychologist, Dr. Sylvia Rimm, sibling rivalry is particularly intense when the children are of the same gender or are very close in age. I can say it's true, why? At four what do I know right?Maybe I felt threatened that my parents will have to give me away and maybe I was scared that my sister's presence will not make me a "princess" anymore. 

haha kids.

I was the spoiled brat growing up while my sister on the other hand was frigging contented on my hand-me-downs, if our parents ask us to do some errands, my sister will follow it obediently, while I, I bully my sister to do it for me. I have no idea when and how all the jealousy stopped. Maybe because as we grew older, I realized that my sister Brenda and I are the exact opposite of each other, that really, there's no "rivalry" between us.

 I grew up singing

random facts

  • Eternal flame - 1989 when the song first came out. I know this because it was the year that my sister was born and my mom told me that the song was first played on the radio on my sister's christening day and eternal flame was the first song I remembered singing.
  • the bathroom was my training ground. If I was left home alone, I'll sing in the bathroom for hours. My favourite song to sing?On the wings of love.
  • I was on 8th grade when I had the guts to audition for the glee club.
  • The original song I was gonna sing was Burn by Tina Arena, but changed it the last  minute to Britney Spears', Sometimes. Don't laugh, I passed the audition.
  • I suck at Math but on 9th grade, I joined the Math club! *rofl*
  • 10th grade, I represented my class for a singing competition. I lost.
  • I don't know how to read notes. :D
  • My choice of martial arts is kickboxing
  • I am a behind the stage crew
  • 3 years ago, I signed up for a hip hop class
  • I never knew how to operate our washing machine 'til I moved out.
  • I'm a better "cook" than my sister
  • I'm a daddy's girl
 [my sister was the one wearing the green outfit on the middle far back]

random facts about Brenda

  • She's a dancer
  • She started doing ballet on 3rd grade (I think)
  • She stopped ballet after a year coz she decided she wanna learn how to play the piano
  • My sister decided to join the school choir
  • My sister is into sports and I was an audience/her cheerleader
  • She's a tomboy compared to me
  • My sister is a math whiz
  • She's a vegetarian
  • Her choice of martial arts is karate
  • Tho she doesn't get the lead, my sister was always been part of the stage-hey-I'm-acting-crew.
  • 3 years ago, Brenda signed up for ballet lessons again
  • My sister figured out on how to use our washing machine when she was 14!
  • My sister, just like my mom, she doesn't know how to cook! Can't even fry eggs without burning them.
  • My sister and my dad clash all the time! They have this love-hate-love relationship with each other. Yes. Brenda is a mama's girl.
 See, there was really no rivalry between us because we grew up with almost nothing a like. And when it comes to our parents' attention?naah, I don't want any haha I actually used to discourage them to watch me perform haha dunno, I'm just shy.

I am happy and lucky that we grew up not having the same wants in life. Because honestly if we did, I can never take "comparison". Comparison does nothing but feel insecure about yourself and what you have to offer. We are two different unique individuals with different passions in life. Academically speaking?hmm I actually never felt there was a competition between us, I actually never heard my parents say "why can't you like be your sister?

Brenda could really be annoying sometimes. We fight. WE ACTUALLY used to BEAT EACH OTHER UP! Not pulling each other's hair stuff, we kick and punch each other. Yeah. Like how brothers would fight. Tough love.

I do sometimes "hate" my sister, but to be completely honest, I'd be lost without her. I love her, I'm not good with expressing my love and appreciation towards her, she reads my blog and thru writing I want to tell her how LUCKY I AM that we're a family, that she's my sister and that we are a perfect team!

To: my sister, Brenda,

I am as fierce as a


And I will protect you from any harm. I will be a big sister to you and be strong for you.  I'll be 

[for the lulz pic]

toothless and weak just like the day I was born, too weak that time will come that even holding up my drinking cup will be a struggle. But for now, please continue to fight (you're tough so I know you're fighting), I want you to know that you're not alone in this battle, big sister (especially) is here for you. We will grow old together and will be there for each other.

I will

FOREVER take care of you. I LOVE YOU. INFINITY. I am not the best big sister in the world, but you on the other hand is the best little sister a big sister would ever want.


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Mara said...

*hugs* Go team Breandaleigh!


Emmaleigh said...

thanks doll ;) yes! TEAM BRENDALEIGH! woot!


Awww this is so touching! A very nice post. Reminds me of my younger sis who is also 4 yrs younger than me, the only difference is we have the same wants and likes so there was some sort of rivalry growing up. So there were lots of scratch your face/hair pulling incidents. She'd
steal my tops and makeup and I'd do the same thing. Haha. tWas tough but at least we eventually grew out of it! Your baby pics are sooo cute, I esp like the toothless one. Lol! Cheers!:-)

Emmaleigh said...

@ Mina: haha well we can't really steal each other's clothes or shoes coz we're not the same size. and thanks haha I love that toothless pic as well :D

Traveliztera said...

You are a totally sweet sister!

And it's true... COMPARISON may cause insecurities if you have low self-esteem... I mean, u can compare for the sake of stating facts but not to stir up emotions in the personal level.

Anyway, I'm glad that u totally love her! I wish i had a sibling. =( I wish my brother didn't die. I envy people who have siblings!

Emmaleigh said...

@ Steph: sorry to hear that. :(

Traveliztera said...

It's okay... He visits us at certain times... :)
(Okay.Creepy? Hehe! But seriously, there had been times...)

Btw, it's your bday right?


Emmaleigh said...

@ Steph: yes creepy but I think if you love the person "visiting" you it doesn't and wouldn't matter anymore. Yes and thank you! :D