According to my calendar, fall officially begins on the 23rd so it's not really bye bye summer yet BUT the summer humidity is definitely GONE now!

current temperature

I'm not ready for the negatives yet! haha I just hope it doesn't snow until the first week of December.




I love Brooklyn pizza! I cheated on my diet a week ago. I'm so bad :( lack of self control and discipline. hmm, I swear, I'll try the hardest to not cheat again.

Here goes my randomness again =)) well, I still have a paper to finish and it's 2:34am now and I just took a lil break so I can blog nonsensical things that will somehow help me feel not so stressed out. haha

I went to an Asian store and accidentally saw this. =))

It was so unexpected.

I was staring at the dvd rack for like 5 seconds before I finally absorbed it and that it wasn't some wholesome movies you wanna watch with your whole family.  =))


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Traveliztera said...

Wowwww! Gahhh I want that weather here. :( Haha!

Hey... It's okay to cheatttt... At least you're not depriving yourself!!! :) You can still go back on track... :) One time, I ate 3,000 calories for 5 straight days. How's that? Lol. I gained 3lbs. but hey, it's not yet the end of the race. Woot! Hehe! So yours is definitely okay. :) Oh my. I forgot to answer a lot of your questions as I rarely stay that long anymore... Okay, I'm 5'2" and my normal weight range for my frame & height is supposed to be between 120-130... I know I'm like below that but I'm trying to gain more right now through building my muscles... A lot have said they like how I look now compared before because I really reached the skinny phase which I didn't really mean to happen since I was still at the fat burning stage. After burning the fat, I'm up for weight gain through my muscles so I'm not a stick anymore. Lol! I don't wanna be called skinny. Haha!

Mimi said...

hahaha, that is so funny! the "i stared at the dvd rack for like 5 seconds..." made me laugh! and don't worry, you're not alone, sometimes i really can't help but cheat on my diet. haha.

<3, Mimi

devil_under_light said...

its so ironic that people abroad dont want snow and on the contrary, people here (in the phils) will kill for a lil bit of that joyful white frozen flake of joyfulness. *sigh [well, i will (kill)]

anyway,. yyou cheaterrr!! you like to think that youre in a weight watcher's diet. but youre not!! >_< youre in a "flexible" diet if i may suggest of a more appropriate adjective.. he he.

Emmaleigh said...

@ Traveliztera: wow! you're really underweight :D and if you built muscles then you'll prolly gain a lil bit of weight back right?but those are just muscles.

@ Mimi: haha yeah! I was like staring blankly at the dvd rack for like 5 secs before realizing how explicit the tapes are. =))

@ Aris: snow could be depressing some times :D and I hate when they start to melt, it's just too muggy to be outside. I know! I'm bad :( I'll try not to cheat again :D