What's with my name day at work today, and here's the story.

- I have 3 names, but I'm not gonna say it right here lol! I either go by my second name or third name, and at work I go by my second name (and yes, we have a name badge :p) coz it's a lot easier to say than my third name, ok so there's this two guys waiting in line while I was talking/assisting this customer who were there before them when I overheard one of the guys say, *insert my name here* instinctively, because I heard my name, I looked at them, then one of the guys say, "let's just ask her later". dadadadada now it's their turn, just after I said hi this how the conversation went:

GUY1: ok, so before anything else, how do you pronounce your name?
ME: well, depends on your accent. (seriously, it does, you can say my second name in so many ways depending on your accent :P)
GUY2: coz we were fighting here and we just wanna know how do you say your name? when you introduce yourself how do you usually say your name?
ME: it's *name here*
GUY2: dayuum! you're right! (to his buddy) facck! he's right
owkay.. big deal much lol!

next scenario happened like 2 hours after the first one.
WOMAN: hey, you're cute, you should smile more often.
SON: agree! you look so unapproachable
(yep, I've always been told that)
WOMAN: why do I have this feeling that you play the guitar?you play the guitar sweetie?
ME: yeah, a lil bit, a super beginner?haha
WOMAN: that explains the lack of smile, the "seriousness".
ME: ok, the relevance?
WOMAN: well, that would be your "homework".

sooo I'm begging, anyone who knows the answer/relevance of guitar playing and the "seriousness" please do let me know :D

Third scenario

MAN: I like your name.
ME: thanks
MAN: do you know what your name means
ME: kinda?dunno, not sure
MAN: *explanation here* and do you know that your name is a common Russian name?I am Russian btw.
ME: oh really?yeah, I do remember I've been told that months ago. I've always thought that my name is more of a Spanish name tho.
MAN: oh, is that right?well, I dunno about that, but in Russia your name is a popular female name, so for me *my name here* is more of a Russian name.
ME: ok.. it's still more of a Spanish name for me.
* then both laughs*

I've been with that company since last summer and this is actually the first time I had customers fighting over how to pronounce my name, dunno what's with today and my name. But whatever lol! I love my second name, it sound so exotic! bleh :p

3 statements:

Gautam said...

Playing guitar increases your concentration of things around you and makes you seem serious..just a thought..he he!! :)

and yeah..who doesn't love exotic names?!! :D

Lynn said...

I don't get the playing guitar and seriousness thing, but now I'm curious about your name... what might it be? Do tell me.

myfingersrtyping said...

@Gautam: haha who doesn't eh?now i'm really conscious about my "seriousness".

@Lynn: My initials are M.E.M haha that's all I can reveal.. for now?