I'm gonna go "titleless" for this entry coz I couldn't think of any title that would pretty much summarize into one word on what this post is all about. hhhmmm, "titleless" is still a title right?so this entry is not titleless at all?But since I'm looking for a word that would sum up my entry then this post is still considered "titleless?". owkay lol nuf.

I love watching WWE, I actually was and still am dreaming of becoming a diva lol! (after I get rid of all these excess body fats haha). Yeah, I love watching WWE, this is a thing that most people don't know about. I love how entertaining WWE scripts can be sometimes, I love the excitement it brings me whenever I see my favourite wrestlers on screen, either by just an appearance or them having to wrestle their competitors. I also adore the fact that aside from they make me happy, the script can also make me really sad and disappointed whenever my favvie wrestler had to lose their title to a heel. I swear! If they will have a show near my place I am gonna see them live! I will not miss this for the world haha I am not gonna let an opportunity like this pass again.

Of course, I am foreseeing right now on what I'm gonna be when I see my wrestlers live. I will be one of those fangirls screaming on the top of their lungs at the front row (yep, those screams on a BSB concert lol!) and with a banner saying:


And yes, obviously, Jeff Hardy made my top list lol! Actually, I have two for the number one spot, him and Shawn Michaels.

Here's a video of one of the sexiest match ever lol!

Jeff Hardy and Maria v. Johnny Nitro and Melina

sexiest, well at least for the intro part haha Maria and Jeff Hardy were equally hot in here :p Ok I'll stop before someone thinks I also have the hots for Maria rofl!

and here's another fav match of mine, 2006 survivor series where half of my fav wrestlers were all in one team (the other half of the complete list of my favvies are already retired, dead and not part of this match).

I can't find a better quality uploaded video for this 2006 survivor series match so the video above was just the highlights of it. dayuuum! We watched this on PPV with my dad and whenever I scream or clap my hands and stomp my feet during the match he'll shush me up, well sorry dad, can't keep the excitement to a minimum level haha and yes, watching basketball, WWE and UFC are my dad and I's, father and daughter bonding. Since I moved out a year ago to a different province, we don't get to do our bonding more often now, just when I'm home for the summer or the holidays which is sad :(oh wells..

Hope you watched the video and you enjoyed it as much as I did (:

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Lynn said...

me and my late grandpa used to watch wrestling together... good times. ;)