Wifey, yes, I have a "wifey" and no, we're not married as wife and wife. lol! confusing much?

3 years ago when we first met, we were introduced by my mom since they know each other as they work in the same hospital. (ok seriously, why am I narrating this as if this is a fairytale?!lol!) back to the story, so we were introduced to one another, we're not friends instantly, I am really shy and I don't know how to open up a conversation, I am just scared that if I initiated a topic it'll be boring coz she's not really into it/them and I am not really the chatty type of person to begin with. One day, I came home from school and she was down in the basement with my sister watching something online, and trust me it's not porn. I had a quick dinner and came down to check out on them coz they've been laughing hysterically and I was curious to death.

They were watching Super Junior's Mystery 6, it's supposed to be a horror show, but some of the parts are really a laugh out loud, I joined in and suggested we watch EHB after and to cut the long story short our friendship started on our addiction with the 13 Korean boy band - Super Junior.

We call our bestfriends in different nicknames right? some call each other, "besty", "bff" etc etc we, on the other hand, doesn't have a bff nickname for each other, we just can't think of any -- period. My sister and her bff call each other "SEB" (well, it's not that SEB haha it's actually "best" pronounced backwards minus the letter T). so before, we just call each other "yaaa!" like how SuJu call each other/Korean expression. It was late December when yaaa and I went to the mall, we saw this kiosk who sell jewelries, we checked them out and I dunno what happened but we bought a pair of friendship rings, and "wifey" was born.


one of the things that we love to do together -- SING! haha we have hundreds of videos uf us singing together/playing an instrument (she plays the piano and I play the guitar) but I'm not really gonna share it all here haha she'll kill me if she finds out lol! I'm gonna share a video, and this was from 2 halloweens ago and we've improved since then lol!

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Lynn said...

Wifey? sweet... but I bet some people are weirded out, LOL.

myfingersrtyping said...

haha I know :p that's why we really don't call each other "wifey" in public haha

admin said...

very unique naman sis ng "friendship name" nyo :) trying calling each other wifey in public, ano kaya reaction ng mga tao no?

grabbed your badge na :)

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