WHO IS myfingersRtyping?

I honestly don't know how to start this entry, this post is for Team Carnival, for our local Blog Carnival version, and for our first theme/topic is all about our own blog and why we joined the Team Carnival community.

Before I even get to the whole point, I just felt the need of introducing myself first.

Who is myfingersRtyping?and what is her blog all about?

- Just like any person out there, I am just like them, a human being trying to live life to the fullest. I am a shifter, the reason why at 24, I'm still in University. I was an arts student then my parents made me realized that there's no "money" in the field I was pursuing so I took a year gap then went back to school, this time I enlisted myself in the Psychology department taking Child Psych minor in Anthropology, blah blah then I shifted again haha same department but different field, I am doing Behavioural Psych now specializing in Autism and I am proud to say that I've got two more years to go before I graduate :D yay! I also have a passion for singing and that passion almost made me go fly to California about two years ago to audition for the Pinoy Dream Academy, One of my biggest dreams is to meet and work with Mr. C, maestro himself, Ryan Cayabyab, and have Mr. Gerard Salonga as my critique. You might be wondering why I didn't fly to Cali to audition, because the year that I was gonna go was the year when we organized an all filipino chorale with the desire to help the people in need back home in the Philippines and let's just say our first project was a success despite the people who can't be happy and tried all the evil ways to bring us down. yep! That's pretty much how I will sum up who am I so you won't be surprised or at lost in the randomness of this blog. haha

myfingersRtyping, yep, you won't be reading any entries if my fingers weren't at the works right?LOL! well, I guess my blogger name is pretty much self explanatory. hmm okkaayy, what is my blog all about?

  • just all about the fruitcaking randomness in the world.
that's all what my blog is all about, if you like randomness then you've came to the right blog haha The reason why I don't have a theme like blog is because I am not gonna be able to maintain it even if I wanted to.

Food Blog - I gain weight just thinking about food alone, much more if I go to places and pig out?soo nooo way.

Beauty Blog - ohh pssh! I will only be wasting everyone's time if I'm gonna do a beauty blog coz I am no legit. haha

Travel Blog - with my school and my part time work schedule, there's no way on earth I can play around and travel to places, and plus it's expensive.

so again, I am a random blogger. Being a random blogger is less expensive, blogging only about my everyday adventures and my say about certain things.

myfingersRtyping on why she joined My Team Carnival community.

- Simple. I wanna meet lots of bloggers from different walks of blogs :D I wanna make friends with them, link exchange and most importantly, I learn from them. My simple reason on why I joined the community, no dramas whatsoever. I also wanted traffic and comments of course just to see how many people actually do read my blogs, wanting some link exchange and it's always nice to know that some people actually are enjoying their stay on your blog.

And before I go, I wanna share to ya'll my biibii haha


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Lynn said...

I hear ya... writing about whatever strikes your fancy is more fun. Hmm biibii looks fierce. I wonder where she got that from... LOL.

myfingersrtyping said...

from her miimii, no doubt! haha