EGGciting DAY!

Ok, wait, before I get all EGGcited, just wanna greet everyone a HAPPY EASTER! I Hope ya'll had a bountiful easter dinner with all your family and friends ;)

Now for my real entry.

Like I said from my previous post, I worked today, but only for four hours so it's not that bad. But what really made this day so EGGciting? No, I didn't go easter egg hunting before going to work haha (just in case you were thinking it that way :p) I was EGGstatic from the chocolates I got without getting myself all soiled up from all the hunting and having to fight lil kids over an egg shaped chocolate.

I felt loved today from the EGGjoyable chocolates from people at work.


nom!nom!nom! haha EGGcess calorie intake here egg come. boo!


4 statements:

Lynn said...

I want some... just stayed all day at home. It's too hot outside. :(

BG "totally my real name" said...

Happy Easter!

myfingersrtyping said...

I wanna give you some but I ate it all already haha but yeah that sucks, staying home all day coz it's too hot outside to have fun.

myfingersrtyping said...

@ BG: Happy Easter ;)