haha too long!

I was on holidays and we had so many activities that by the time I get to my laptop, I'm brain dead already. It was a happy, loud, exhausting, but very blessed holidays for me and my family. I hope, you guys, had a wonderful time on Christmas and New Year's as well.

And to summarize my holidays in a single blog post, it will be, all about FOOD! (ok, wait, lemme exaggerate that part), all about F-O-O-D!!! (damn, I'm so back! haha lemme whip my hair back and forth in celebration :D)

*picture heavy*

Sushi Hut

 Edamame is so addicting! It's like Pringles, once you pop, you can't stop.=))
crap, it's 2011 and I'm still corny. haha

My sister, myself, a friend and her boyfriend, went for Sushi Hut on Dec. 27th (I think) and it's an all you can eat Japanese restaurant. Aside from eating spaghetti and chicken, Japanese food makes me happy. A once a month trip to a Japanese restaurant will definitely, make me jump for joy.

Dec. 29, 2010 - Joey's

It was our parents' 26th year wedding anniversary, so, we went out for a cozy dinner, at Joey's.

Servings were so big, there were no room for dessert after.

And just before I leave the town again, I and some friends went to another Japanese restaurant called, Tokyo Zone. Originally, we were planning on dining in at Roll'n Pin, a Korean Restaurant. Sadly, they were closed due to some renovations.

 I should learn how to use chopsticks. Anyone here knows how?

 There goes the edamame again. =))

Now, I'm hungry! haha

I'll try to be back, blog and blog hop again on a regular basis. I still have a line-up of entries to do and hopefully, I'll be able to blog again, at least, with 2 entries a week. I'm really tied up with school works and my job, so at times, it's really impossible for me to even take a peek at blogger.

Have a great weekend blogmates!