I Am Anti-Valentine's Day

Before I get to the topic for today, I wanna say, THANK YOU to all those who paid attention to my Valentine's Day entry; Love Story: A Valentine Entry .

I wanna make people feel the pain of losing someone by telling the entry in the first person form. And to be honest, I wanna see how many people will read up to the end of the entry and be surprised. :p

So, I Am Anti- Valentine's Day.

Don't get me wrong tho. I am NOT bitter whatsoever about Valentine's, Vday, Heart's Day or whichever, whatever, however you wanna call it.

When I was younger, especially during my teen years, I'd always wish that some guy would ask me out on a date and/or surprise me with flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, you know, all those cheesy stuff. But as I grew older, all that had changed. And I have reasons why.

  1. BRAGGING - Girls or SOME girls, just brag about what their bf/husband gave to them on Valentine's. There's really nothing wrong about receiving gifts on Vday, it's just, I feel like, some girls are pushing it way too much that gifts on Valentine's Day had become a competition on whose boyfriend/husband gave the biggest, grandest gift. And I also feel bad for men, Valentine's day had become a mandatory day for them to give gifts and surprise their gf/wife. I'd be a hypocrite if I tell you guys that I didn't expect anything from my bf, 'coz I did (somewhat). But it wasn't something material. :D And he did surprise me by singing a song dedicated to me (of course haha) I was touched by the gesture and that was enough. My boyfriend knows me well that him buying me flowers on Vday will not make me happy. haha But there's a gift, and for the sake of not bragging it, I am not telling anyone. =))
  2. EMO - Both men and women, esp women had become extra emotional. I'm just gonna quote Aris , my love's fb stat "How incredulous that everybody is making it appear like being single is the worst possible thing that can ever happen to anybody." It's true. Because of the Valentine's Day hype, they just gave the singles another major reason to be so extra emo. I'm not hating, just stating what I hear/read from, especially the single ladies out there like it's the end of their lives or they gonna go homeless.
  3. ABSURD - The hype is so absurd. If your girlfriend/wife is really that important to you, make her feel loved 24/7/365. It's so funny how I hear girls telling everyone their Valentine's Day story about how they went to this restaurant, watched a movie, their bf/husband cooked breakfast that morning. I mean, really? Then after Vday, everything is back to normal, the girlfriend/wife is back to being domesticated. Why wait a year to make the person you love feel so special? Can't you make a random day extra special? We don't need February 14 to go on a special date and a date doesn't really need to be so expensive.
  4. PATIENCE - Yes, I tend to lose my patience. Even if you have a reservation, the restaurant is still packed and you're lucky if you'll not have to wait 19293838102391 minutes for your food. And your not gonna enjoy the ambiance, with all the people in the restaurant all talking at the same time? pssh.

Again, I'm not a hater. I just don't like the hype, I find it ridiculous.

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MiDniGHt DriVer said...

hahaha.. at talagang ni-post mo nga ah.. hehehe

Emmaleigh said...

@ Emerson: ay nemen! haha ako pa. =))

gingerSnaps said...

sweet nya naman Em.

stephy. said...

Very true!! Ako wala ako nakuha materialistic wise for vday just some VERY good news And that was enough for me. Also thefact that I had two valentines, mark and James, is way way good enough :) I get spoiled every single day. Don't need valentines day to be an excuse to get anything from Mark!! haha.

Emmaleigh said...

@ gingerSnaps: thank you! ;)

@ Steph: *high five* material things don't matter anymore.

glentot said...

Well most of what you said is true... And watch out for a surge in the population around November...

Emmaleigh said...

@ Glen: haha I might be a ninang again before this year ends. =))

ais said...

i was quotted! im very flattered, love. everything you said was right (i'm not saying this out of a pampered ego). Loving has become so hard that many people only act special on v-day, making the rest of the year look terrible.

*note-worthy abstract from http://myfingersrtyping.blogspot.com: materialistic women = unhappy world

Nana said...

hey! I just found your blog, loveee it so far that I followed you.

Found it on a post on MP.

REPLY to post: well, I love valentine's day for what it is, which is just to have a reminder to appreciate who you have. like mother's day and father's day. i don't mean treat them like crap 364 days of the year and its okay to make it up in one day. but hey, why not? just having some sweet fun moments. and a holiday can give people an excuse to bring out their sweet and cheesy self.

check out my blog sometime too. :D

Mimi said...

i agree with what you said about making your loved ones feel loved everyday, not just on valentine's day. i hope you're doing well! :D

<3, Mimi

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

haha you're funny. I remember in high school when I used to live in P.I. girls would walk around campus with their flowers, balloons and crap that their bfs or suitors gave them. It used to annoy the crap out of me coz ughh...it's like bragging.

My bf and I just give each other Valentine's day card and lots of hugs and kisses and we're happy and satisfied ^_^ Oh and maybe dinner too, but we always wait a few days after so it won't be packed lol

Xprosaic said...

Aw naman... naglabas lang ng angst... lol... well nilabas mo lang naman what's on your mind... naks!


Haha em am actually one of those anti-v day gals too. I just find it silly that it seems that most people are just pretending and playing silly romantic for a day or night only to abandon the act the next day. hahaha!

I just find it fake, the surprises or romantic gestures must be random and not timed. KUDOS sis to speaking out your brilliant mind! weee!:-)

shenanigans said...

ako din. i hate valentines day!

*pag single lang ako*

kasi pinapaalala lang niya sa akin na walang nakaka appreciate sa akin.

anyway, ang shalan na ng site mo ah di ko kineri anteh! :)

good job ka diyan!

Nelson Souzza said...

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